Creepy things discovered under the sea – from giant eyeball to a lost village

The ocean is full of deep mysteries.

With more than 80% of it left unexplored, there's no saying what adventurers may find if they go looking further into the abyss.

So the next time you're taking an outdoors swim, think about what we know lurks beneath, and what we have no idea about.

But in the known world, there are quite a few creepy treasures explorers can come across. While there's no evidence of the deep-sea monsters, there are many ghostly shipwrecks and underwater cemeteries that you may be able to find.

1. Mysterious giant eyeball

We’re starting off with a nice creepy mysterious giant eyeball that was washed ashore on a Florida beach.

It was a big mystery for a while, but experts found that it actually belonged to a swordfish, so at least it wasn’t a sea monster.

The eye was absolutely huge, and was said to be the size of a softball – can you imagine stumbling across that on the beach?

It was apparently removed by a fisherman as swordfish are fished in the Florida Straits off South Florida at that particular time of year.

2. The underwater world of Molinere Bay

The Grenada underwater sculpture park is located just off the west coast of Grenada, and although this underwater attraction is unique, it’s also kind of creepy.

A visit to this eerie underwater world will display sculptures like ‘The Vicissitudes’ which is a sculpture that features 26 Grenadian children all in a circle holding hands.

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‘The Lost Correspondent’ is another memorable sculpture, which is also referred to by some as ‘the newspaper man’.

Although it’s not necessarily intended to be creepy, there’s something off about these weathered sculptures covered in barnacles.

3. Underwater graveyard

Yes you read that correctly – an underwater graveyard – and it doesn’t get creepier than this.

The world’s only underwater cemetery called ‘Neptune Memorial Reef’ is just off the coast of Florida, featuring elaborate cement columns and lion statues.

Here, you can literally sleep with the fishes and have your ashes set into a plot where your family can visit by boat, scuba dive or snorkel.

4. Unexplained skeletons of Roopkund Lake

There are many theories as to why there are a bunch of unexplained skeletons around Roopkund Lake in India, but one thing is for sure, we won’t be visiting there in a hurry.

The lake remains frozen for most of the year, but depending on the weather and the season, the snow will melt and the skeletons will become visible.

There’s around 600-800 skeletal remains of people, with one theory suggesting they belong to an Indian king, his wife and their attendants who perished in a blizzard.

5. The gulf of Mexico cursed shipwreck

A 200 year old shipwreck was found in the Gulf of Mexico with the numbers “2109” nailed to the edge of the ship’s rudder.

It’s still to this day unknown why it’s there, where it’s from, who was on it and where were they from.

6. Abandoned prison

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The words ‘abandoned prison’ is enough to make you shudder, but it’s even worse when it’s underwater.

Rummu Prison in Estonia was established in the 1940s by the Soviet Union on the lip of a limestone quarry that inmates were forced to toil.

As no one could look after the natural groundwater, it seeped into the former quarry and filled up with water.

Nowadays, it’s actually a prime location for divers, the question is…do you think you’re brave enough?

7. Ship graveyard

Of course there’s going to be another graveyard on the list, but this time it’s for ships.

The Bay of Nouadhibou in Mauritania is known as one of the world’s largest ship graveyards, with more than 300 washed up vessels underwater and on land.

If you’re a believer of ghosts, we dread to think how many could be floating around here.

8. The lost villages in Portugal

Over 300 people lived in the small village of Vilarinho das Furnas in Portugal, but it had to be moved due to the construction of a dam in 1967.

When the water levels drop in summer, parts of the doors and windows can still be seen – creepy or what?

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