Cunning venomous snake’s potent fart is so vile it stinks like a rotten corpse

A hideous fart does far more for a snake than its venom when confronted with a bigger beast, according to studies.

The eastern hognose snake's biggest weapon is not used to kill prey but to avoid becoming it by releasing a foul odour.

Often dubbed the 'puff snake', eastern hognoses possess a disgusting yet incredible power which tricks predators into thinking it is not only dead but rotting too.

At 20 inches to 30 inches long the smelly snake will feast on toads, salamanders and even small birds in America's eastern states, but it is no where near the top of the food chain.

To defend itself against birds of prey, skunks and even other snakes, the eastern hognose has to play dirty, very dirty.

If the likes of a hawk swoops down on it the snake will first try its luck spreading its skin up around its head and neck like a cobra before hissing as it pretends to strike.

Then the hognose will remain eerily still and play dead all the while farting out such a stench that confused predators think better than to snack on a rotten body.

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The stinky species of snake can be typically recognised by a broad triangle-shaped head at the end of a thick body with vibrant patterns that can range from blotches to check.

Females are larger than males and although scientists cannot determine their lifespan in the wild, in captivity reaching 11-years-old is a good innings.

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When it comes to its own dinnertime, the eastern hognose snake is fortunate enough to not suffer any side effects from poisonous toads.

Their specialised salivary glands secrete a mild venom which specifically subdues amphibians but is harmless to other animals and humans.

To scoff the toxic amphibians, eastern hognoses will puncture their inflated bodies with their large rear fangs to swallow them more easily.

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