Deadly thugs to be marooned on island in Honduran Alcatraz-style ‘mega-prison’

Deadlythugs may be marooned in an Alcatraz-style island prison in the wake of Honduras’ gang crackdown.

New plans are being drawn up as the nation’s president, Xiomara Castro, looks to clampdown ongang violence – following the massacre of46 female prisoners last month.

Honduras now wants to build an isolated prison to house the country's most-feared kingpins on the Islas del Cisne archipelago, 155 miles away from shore.

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It’s construction would lead to the West’s only island jail, after Mexico’sIslas Marias– which housed the likes of serial killer El Sapo who raped and murdered 120 people – closed its doors in 2019.

The Alcatraz-style penitentiary would be able to hold 2,000 inmates, placing them in complete isolation.

“It’s the farthest away they can possibly be, so these gang leaders feel the pressure once they’re on the island,” José Jorge Fortín, Honduras’ Army chief, said.

“The idea is that they lose contact with everything, contact with all of society… and they can really pay for their crimes.”

Honduras’ army took over the prisons following the mass murder of female inmates on June 20, which saw more than half burnt alive and others shot with pistols or slashed with machetes.

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“Drastic measures” were taken after a spat broke out between the world’s most dangerous organised crime group, Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and rivals Barrio 18.

President Castro now wants the island “mega-prison” to be built as quickly as possible. The cost of the facility, however, has not been confirmed.

El-Salvador’s mass gang crackdown in March 2022 saw a dramatic decrease in violence, as more than 67,000 alleged thugs were put behind bars.

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Harsh tactics made famous by Salvadoran president, Nayib Bukele, are now being employed in Honduran prisons.

Half-naked inmates with their heads bowed on the backs of the men in front of them are strewed across prison floors.

Castro has also implemented curfews between 9pm and 4am in the Choloma area, as well as “raids, captures and checkpoints 24 hours a day”.

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