‘Deliverance inbred family’ joke ‘daddy got busy’ to make 16 kids

The family of what may be the world's most inbred family have joked that “daddy got busy” in order to have 16 kids.

The Whittaker family is one of the most fascinating families in the United States after spending decades living in squalor and communicating in grunts and squeals.

The siblings and a cousin are so badly deformed their eyes pointed in different directions.

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The world first found out about the family when film-maker Mark Laita made a documentary about them a few years ago.

And he has returned a few times this year to provide an update on how their doing following his generous fundraising for them.

The documentary ended up showing the family in a less harsh light than many would have thought, and it even showed how many of the family have a wickedly funny sense of humour.

In the latest catch-up, the can be heard joking about how “busy” the father got to make such a large family.

When Mark asks one of the children how their dad managed to birth 16 children, one of the son's replied: “He got very busy!”

Mark first met the Whittakers living in squalor in remote West Virginia countryside, cut off from the modernity of the United States in the aptly named hamlet of Odd.

With each of their eyes pointing in different directions to the other, among other physical defects, the family are thought to be inbred and uneducated but nonetheless friendly and welcoming to Mark.

In the latest video, called Breakfast With the Whittakers, Mark showed more of the daily family life.

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And those watching it the 44-minute long video.

One user wrote: “Still doesn't get old seeing how much happier this family is now compared to when you first went to visit.

“This makes me believe that there are still good people out there that understand it's about your works and what you have done good and helping when you can.”

And another wrote: “Watching the gradual change in this family over time has really warmed my heart.

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“They have come so far, and it's mostly due to your kindness and acceptance that I'm sure they didn't receive from most people throughout their lives.

“Your friendship has done more for them than any donations they could receive, and it reminds us of the impact we can make in peoples lives simply by giving kindness and acceptance to everyone regardless of any differences.”

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