‘Deliverance’ inbred family man’s heartwarming favourite childhood memory

A man from the world's most inbred family has shared his touching favourite childhood memory.

The Whittakers have been described by filmmaker and now friend Mark Laita has resembling characters from the 1972 survivor thriller, Deliverance.

With pretty much each member of the clan living with a physical deformity, it has become widely presumed that each member is related to one another in more ways than one.

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The world first found out about the family from Odd, West Virginia, US, when Mark made a documentary about them a few years ago and shared it on YouTube where a fanbase has grown with interest in the Whittakers' welfare.

During a visit earlier this year, Mark takes a look around family man Larry's new home, afforded thanks to Mark's fundraising and generous viewers.

Mark asks the once divorced Larry: "What's your favourite memory as a kid?"

Larry's response took Mark by surprise as rather than him detailing a certain day, event or game, he said the name of his brother.

"Ray," he replied.

Checking Larry understood the question, Mark asked again "Ray?" and got a nod back with Ray present in the room.

Of all the living Whittakers, bearded Ray appears to be the most affected by a mental condition which limits his communication to a range of grunts and squeals.

Mark continued: "Ray used to be much rowdier though. I remember the first time I met Ray when Eddie was around and Ray was so out of control."

According to Mark, Ray would refuse to wear a belt and as a result allow his trousers to drop down to his ankles when he ran around in a temper.

In another conversation, Mark learned how Ray once gave a woman a fright by grabbing her out of nowhere.

When Mark asked Ray if he'd ever had a girlfriend, he enthusiastically grunted twice to say yes and started nodding, despite a relative insisting he hadn't.

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To get to the bottom of the dispute, Mark asked another family member.

They explained: "Ray had hold of her, that's what we were told. We don't know. I had no idea, that's what we were told. That was a long time ago."

"He had hold of on, he had a woman up on the hill here," Kevin Whittaker added.

Another family member told Mark: "She screamed when Ray had hold of her."


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