Derelict dumping ground house with no front door or ceilings on sale for £45k

A squalid property in Manchester with no front front door or ceilings is on the market for £45,000.

Photos posted on popular real estate site Rightmove show the trashed property almost beyond the point of repair with rubble and junk piled high across all of the property's three rooms.

This property is being sold by Traditional Auction who say: "This property is in need of an extensive amount of work internally and externally but offers huge potential as a buy to let investment or to be renovated and re sold."

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The property, in north east Manchester, supposedly has two double bedrooms and two reception rooms though the mess is so vast it is hard to know which room is which.

The terraced house totals 872 square feet and currently has no front door while much of the home's walls have been partially knocked through and there are gaping holes in the ceiling.

It is unclear just how the property has become so derelict and filled to the brim with so much clutter, and many will be forgiven for thinking that even a cost way below the average house price in the UK is still very steep.

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This property is to be auctioned in the coming weeks.

Prospective buyers are invited to notify their interest in the property, where they then have to pay 300 quid to see a "pack" with more information on the property.

What insightful information the pack has on it remains unclear, especially as the house is in such disarray.

It comes as the house prices in the UK are set to drop by almost 10% on average in the next two years according to the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR).

The cost of a mortgage meanwhile is also likely to stay much higher than homeowners are used to, with a typical two or five-year fixed-rate deal now having an interest rate of over 6%.


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