Diner served deadly octopus with enough venom to kill 26 adults at restaurant

A diner at a Chinese restaurant has been served up a deadly octopus that had enough venom in it to kill 26 adults.

Hot pot-style cooking offered up the unnamed patron to a risky dining experience, with a Chinese-based restaurant reportedly serving up a dangerous blue-ringed octopus.

One of the most venomous creatures on earth, the venom within the sea-faring animal includes toxins strong enough to kill someone 20 minutes after consumption.

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But the rare beast which proves fatal to anyone who eats it ended up in a hot pot, with the out-of-place animal called to and subsequently removed before it proved to be a fatal incident.

The diner was told the leopard-striped octopus' toxicity was "very strong" and even cooking the underwater creature would do nothing to remove the venom.

Said venom within the octopus is enough to wipe out 26 adults, proving fatal very quickly after consumption should a person eat it.

A statement from Natural History magazine read: "We’ve seen cases where blue-ringed octopuses are, on rare occasions, accidentally mixed in with ordinary octopuses sold at markets, although the possibility of this happening is very low."

The diner said they had not eaten the octopus, but had asked about their meal online before consuming it.

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Reassuring those he had asked about the octopus, the unnamed diner wrote on social media: "I haven't eaten it. It has been taken away from the table."

Blue-ringed octopuses are best kept away from the cooking pot in general, let alone the hot pot one the Chinese restaurant served up.

Should it be consumed, the venom can cause paralysis, respiratory failure, and most likely death, Independent reported.

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