‘Disgusting’ bloke poos into alleyway flower bed – and ‘it won’t stop’

A man has been caught on CCTV defecating in a flower planter in a city centre in broad daylight.

Phillip Cross was disgusted when he noticed what appeared to be human faeces on a raised floral display outside a snooker club which he owns.

He rushed to check his CCTV cameras and was horrified to see footage of a man brazenly using the flower beds two go number two in broad daylight.

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Footage showed a white-haired man walk down an alleyway outside the snooker club in St Peter-at-Arches in Lincoln at around 6am last Wednesday (March 22).

The man is seen undoing his trouser belt and looking around before sitting on the ledge of the planter doing the deed.

He is then seen grabbing a tissue out of his wallet to clean up before leaving.

The noise of someone coming startles him and he hastily gets off the wooden planter.

Phil, 39, said: "I am past caring if I'm honest.

"These incidents have been going on for a long time but this was the first time in a long while.

"It's jut not going to stop. I'm not getting stressed about it any more but I just thought I would try to name and shame this man.

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"It's disgusting behaviour.

"The police are so stretched as well so I just thought there was no point in getting stressed about it."

Phil informed Lincoln city Council but officials said he was responsible for disposing of the mess because it happened on private property.

A council spokesperson said: "This is a public order offence so would be dealt with by the police."

The alleyway where the incident took place has long been a spot for anti-social behaviour, but the council has refused to gate it off, despite protests from local residents.

But this latest incident has taken things to another level.

In October 2021 the council officially declined to block off the alleyway, saying: "The passageway provides access to both businesses and domestic properties and while we appreciate there is a small amount of anti-social behaviour which has taken place in this area, restricting a public right of way does not appear to be proportionate to the issues that have been raised."

Lincolnshire Police said it encourages anyone aware of similar incidents to go straight to the police.

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