Disturbing ‘forest of dolls’ where explorers are ‘too scared to visit at night’

A German photographer has found a hoard of disturbing toy babies hanging in what has been dubbed the "forest of dolls".

Some of them are crying, some of them are smiling – but all of them are equally disturbing.

The hobbyist behind Mellie's Welt der Fotografie Facebook page claims they originally found the site five years ago, but have since revisited it to find it remains untouched.

The series of pictures were posted online with a disturbing image warning as it shows the dolls tied to trees, scrubbed with mud or hanging by their necks.

Others have been impaled or beheaded with screaming facial expressions or painted like creepy clowns.

Mellie wrote in her Facebook post: "Caution: contains disturbing images.

"Originally designed as a geocache, this place is also very popular among Urbexers and photographers.

"Meanwhile he's been changed. We would like to show you this place again as we found it 5 years ago via Geocaching."

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The eerie space may be popular among the bravest of urban explorers but others have been left too afraid to visit the place at night.

One said: "Great shots. I would be scared to go at night."

Another added: "What a scary and beautiful atmosphere at the same time."

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A third said: "Very ingenious shots. I think I would only go there in the light……. and not alone."

A fourth wrote: "Someone was bored one way for people not to trespass your property."

The news comes after an urban explorer gave a terrifying glimpse inside a slaughterhouse that has been left to rot for years after being used to butcher thousands of pigs for the meat trade.

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Alice in Urbexland exposed the empty shells that were once overcrowded with animals but have now been left to crumble apart.

It's believed the Polish slaughterhouse, which was in operation for around 30 years, used chemicals to fatten pigs to produce more meat for consumers.

Syringes and needles that were used to modify the animals still remain inside the building.

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