Dog owner stunned after speed camera snaps beloved pet dog driving his car

A driver was sent a speeding ticket in the post with the attached photo showing his pet pooch appearing to be at the wheel.

The German motorist been sitting beside his dog when the pooch jumped onto his lap right as they passed the traffic camera, creating an unbelievable photo – and a 50 euro, or £41.68 fine.

The driver’s nephew Don Kylian shared the hilarious snap on Twitter, explaining to The Dodo: “My first reaction was: ‘That can’t be real.’

“I think my uncle was just as surprised.”

Kylian added: “Normally, the dog wears a special car belt for the safety. That day, my uncle forgot to put it on him, and the dog came to cuddle him [as he was driving].

“The funny part is, he was in his lap for just three seconds.”

Reacting to the tweet, one person wrote: “How is the dog supposed to fork out 50 Euros?!”

Another wrote: “That belongs in a museum,” while a third chimed in, “Bro screen print that on t-shirts and sell them.”

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“He paid it,” added the nephew. “But I can’t tell you what the authorities thought.”

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