Driver captures ‘extraordinary’ UFO ball of light as she filmed chemtrails

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A terrified woman took to social media to share what she believed to be a captured UFO sighting snapped on her phone and was met with a myriad of excited responses.

The strange video, which the woman says she filmed while driving in her car, seems to show an oval of light travelling across a blue sky filled with contrails from overhead aircraft.

Freeda, who captured the footage in 2020, said she started filming on her way to work at around 11am in North Carolina.

She claims that the window of her car was fully down so there was no chance it could have been a reflection or illusion.

“I was filming heavy chemtrails to my left when this ‘thing’ appeared,” she said.

The seven-second clip follows the strange ball of light traveling unevenly across the sky, passing in front of chemtrails before the video cuts off.

Freeda can be heard in the video exclaiming: “What the hell is that?”

She explained that she had to cut the video off short because she was driving.

The video has been met with an intense reaction online, with some people going as far as to claim it is “proof” that UFOs exist.

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“That looks like the three I saw last night,” said one online commenter.

“It was so weird how they just poof there and then they slowly faded out one light at a time.”

Another wrote: “Unbelievable great catch! Omg! It is extraordinary! Good job.”

Some people, however, were more sceptical of the video and sighting.

“Looks like light reflecting off the windshield from the inside of a car,” one person stated.

Freeda replied: “Actually I filmed this from my left side (driver side) window was down. I was actually filming the heavy chemtrails when this appeared.

“I was at a traffic light and had to stop filming because the light turned green.”

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