Elle Brooke runs off Magaluf stage after ‘hot’ man walks in on her pole dancing

Elle Brook decided to shoot her latest underwear haul while prancing around a closed stripper club stage.

But the adult star and content creator was left disturbed by a stranger who walked in while she was swinging around a pole. The 25-year-old ran off the stage after him, dubbing him "so hot".

In the video, the boxer is interrupted by approaching footsteps while explaining she is at a notorious strip club in Magaluf. She shouts: “Sorry we’re not open yet”.

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The unknown man shouts back “sorry”. He then adds “You’re beautiful though”. Brooke shouts back: “Thank you, come back later. He was so hot I’ll ask him to be in a video or I can dance on him later.

“Actually I think I might go get him. I know I’m working right now but excuse me.”

One hour later, she continued shooting her clip, sporting a new racy outfit. She added: “That was good he’s one hell of a man and I think he got a special treat. Definitely worth it and I think this proved I should work in a strip club”.

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The influencer captioned the YouTube video: “Join me in a strip club in Magaluf trying on some sexy lingerie pieces for you all. Let me know what your favourite set is down below in the comments!”.

The blonde bombshell starts the video in a little black dress but quickly strips down to a sheer and lacy blue set with floral details. She spins around the pole offering fans a full 360 view of her curves.

She also spins around in a white three-piece set, a racy red underwear set, a neon pink pair and another two set. She is also wearing platform stripper heels in with each of the outfits.

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Earlier this month the adult star took to Instagram to respond horny fan's frankly bizarre request for her toenail clippings or tights. During the Instagram live, the unphased Elle simply said: “I love being a woman”.

Elle also weighed in on an infamous glory hole story after it went viral earlier this week for all the wrong reasons. A voice note telling the story of a woman who allegedly performed a sex act on the wrong person at a stag and hen do caused a frenzy after it was posted to X (formerly Twitter).

The recording, allegedly sent by someone several times removed from the woman, revealed the events unfolded at a mixed pre-nuptial party in Amsterdam. She performed oral sex on a mystery man through a glory hole – later discovering it was her own father.

Elle jumped on the viral post. Posting an image of herself completely nude, Elle wrote: "when she's a 10/10 but performed sex act on dad in a glory hole in Amsterdam".

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