Energy crisis: Tories facing nightmare as voters show fury amidst soaring bills

Energy prices: Grandmother worried about upcoming 'winter bill'

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With eight candidates still left in the race to be the next Prime Minister, poll data reveals the future leader of the Conservative party may face a mighty challenge ahead of them. British households are in the midst of a crippling energy crisis, with the most recent analysis from Cornwall Insight putting the Default Tariff Cap, also commonly referred to as the energy price cap, for the fourth quarter of 2022 (October- December) a £3,244 a year.

Tackling this fossil fuel energy crisis needs to be the biggest priority for the new Government, as a new poll has revealed that more voters are deserting the Tories over soaring bills than they are over Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s various scandals.

The study, conducted by Comres and seen by the Independent, flies in the face-of Tory MPs who believe that removing the incumbent Prime Minister would help boost the party in the next elections.

The Conservative Party has lost a lot of ground to Labour over the past year, including in the so-called “red wall seats”, according to various national polls.

Now, the Tories could lose critical seats in the south of England to the Liberal Democrats, who recently won a series of by-election victories, including in previously safe Conservative havens.

For the study, ComRes surveyed a weighted sample of 2,208 UK adults between 8 and 10 July 2022, shortly after Mr Johnson resigned.

Of those surveyed, 43 percent said that they were less likely to vote for the Tories than they were this time last year, with another 38 percent saying that they had no change of perception, and 10 percent noting that they were more likely to vote for the Conservatives.

From the Conservative voters who said they were less likely to support the party, the cost of living crisis was by far the biggest concern, mentioned by 54 percent of those surveyed, followed by Mr Johnson’s leadership at 35 percent, and general corruption and sleaze from the party at 34 percent.

Describing the energy crisis as “the elephant in the room” during the Tory leadership contest, Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesperson Sarah Olney told the Independent: “That announcement will send a shiver down the spine of millions in the country who simply can’t afford energy bills of over £3,000 a year.

“Yet all we’ve heard from Conservative leadership candidates is bluster and nonsense to woo Conservative MPs.

“They have said absolutely nothing on how they plan to help people with energy bills.

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“These candidates are out of touch and out of ideas. Frankly, this country is sick and tired of the Conservative party.

“They have no answers on the cost of living crisis and will fail to help struggling people through a tough winter of price hikes.”

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