Ex-Apple worker reveals why some iPhone users should avoid iOS update

I was an ex-Apple employee – this is why you should NOT get the latest iOS update if you have an older iPhone

  • An ex-apple sales specialist called the new has blasted the new iPhone update
  • The former worker said it’s not necessary for older iPhone users to download
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The seventeenth update of Apple’s iOS operating system came out last month, but while millions of eager users rushed to download it, one former Apple employee has suggested owners of older handsets should think twice. 

The ex-employee, who claims to have once been an Apple sales specialist based in Los Angeles, called the new update unnecessary for older generation iPhones. 

Despite glowing new features such as NameDrop and StandBy mode, he claims Apple users with an iPhone below iPhone 13 won’t receive the full benefit of the update.  

Responding to a comment which read: ‘Will it really slow down the phone?’ he said: ‘Yep, yes it will.’

An ex-Apple employee and content creator (pictured) has claimed that the new iOS17 update will ‘slow down’ older generation iPhones

Sharing to his 627,600 TikTok followers, Tyler Morgan said: ‘If you did not know iOS 17 or any new iOS really will slow down older phones.

‘iOS17 is designed specifically for the iPhone 15 so obviously it’s most compatible with the 15.’

The tech whizz claimed that the update will be ‘fine’ with the 14 model, but will be noticeable from the iPhone 13 and below. 

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Speaking on whether the update is necessary, he said: ‘Absolutely not.

‘This is something that Apple’s done for pretty much the entirety of the iPhone after like the iPhone 4.’

While the former Apple employee said the update is not ‘un-runnable’ on older phones, he said: ‘You’re just not gonna get the full experience that they’re advertising.

Instead, he claimed: ‘You’re gonna get a very laggy problematic version of that.’

The most noticeable problem, he claimed, is that the phones battery will drain more quickly.  

He urged his followers to stick with their current update if they’re happy with it.  

He explained: ‘Here’s a good general rule of thumb, if you’re happy with your overall phone experience on whatever update you’re on, leave it alone.

‘You can still get security updates without updating iOS, to a degree.’

Since it was posted, the video has raked in an impressive 3.9 million views and close to 350,000 likes. 

He said that while the new update will be compatible from the iPhone 13 upwards, it is ‘absolutely not’ necessary to download it if you have an older handset 

The video prompted thousands of comments from panicked iPhone users, many of whom had already downloaded the update on their older iPhones. 

However, some users with older generation handsets claimed they haven’t yet spotted a ‘noticeable difference’ and some claimed their old iPhones run better with the update. 

One user commented: ‘I’ve been running the iOS 17 beta on my iPhone XR just fine.’

Another agreed: ‘Honestly my iPhone 13 got even smoother with iOS 17.’

MailOnline has contacted Apple for comment. 

The video comes as numerous reports emerged from iPhone users claiming their iPhone 15 handsets were overheating. 

Addressing the reports, Apple released the iOS17.0.3 update with notes that it would address ‘an issue that may cause iPhone to run warmer than expected. 

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