Ex-Navy chief says Nimitz UFO shows technology ‘1000 years ahead’ of US forces

A former Navy officer has claimed the technology seen in the famous 2004 footage of a tic tac-shaped UFO is at least 100 to 1,000 years ahead of the US arsenal.

The most-publicized encounter occurred when fighter jets from the USS Nimitz witnessed a strange craft moving at unheralded speed.

Retired US Navy chief Sean Cahil, who was master-at-arms on USS Princeton in 2004, spoke in a CNN interview that the US Navy "do not possess those abilities" in the at the moment.

He said: "The technology that we witnessed with the tic-tac was something we would not have been able to defend our forces against at the time.

"What we saw on the tic-tac and what our officers described is the five observables. These indicate a technology that outstrips our arsenal by at least 100 to 1,000 years at the moment."

Host Chris Cuomo asked for a detailed explanation of the advanced technology, and he said: "First of all the aircraft had zero control surfaces, it had no means of propulsion that we could detect.

"It moved at hyper-sonic velocities and it preceded the pilots to their cap point, so it seemed to have some knowledge of where the pilots were headed ahead of time."

Christopher Mellon, former deputy assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, said the frequent sightings are very "concerning" despite the UFO doesn't pose imminent threat.

"They are very capable, in some cases more capable of anything in our own inventory," he said.

"This has been going on for years and the truth is just emerging.

"We've had a massive intelligence failure, and we now have a threat – an unknown threat – that we need to figure out."

This came after two former US Navy pilots recently shared their experience in 2004 and said a white tic-tac "mirrored" their flight paths and travelled 60 miles within seconds.

Officer Dave Fravor added the UFO was "aware" of their presence and described it about the size of the F/A-18 fighter jet – but with no markings, no wings and no exhaust plumes.

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