Ex-US Marine tells of ‘special forces soldiers loading guns and ammo into a UFO’

A new video has emerged showing the testimony of a former US marine who claimed to have witnessed a meeting between American special forces soldiers and a UFO.

Speaking at a briefing given by Dr Steven Greer's Disclosure Project on June 12, Michael Herrera, recounted the story of a humanitarian mission his unit was sent on to Sumatra in late September, 2009.

At the time, he says, he was a comparatively new member of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, and he and his comrades had been sent to help distribute aid in the wake of a devastating typhoon and earthquake.

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Around a week after his unit arrived on the Pacific island, Michael says, he and five other marines were dropped off in dense jungle by a helicopter.

He saw something he couldn’t understand: “I could see something moving and rotating. It was changing colours between a very light matt grey to a very dark matte black,” he said. “It stuck out like a sore thumb”.

The huge object, like an octagonal pyramid, was emitting a low hum. Michael describes a “scaly” exterior, which looked man-made but like no known type of aircraft.

He describes how he was “warned off” by US military personnel who wore black uniforms with no unit or rank insignia.

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The men were, he said, loading weapons and ammunition crates onto the bizarre aircraft.

He describes how he was searched and had his camera confiscated by the mysterious “soldiers in black”.

Michael is one of a number of US military whistleblowers that have made claims about crashed alien craft being cannibalised by American weapons designers in a bid to create advanced combat aircraft.

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Dr Greer told the audience that a large number of the UFOs sighted today are are in fact “deep black budget electrogravitic electromagnetic field propulsion devices based on the study extraterrestrial vehicles that began in the 1940s”

“That is a fact,” Dr Greer says. “We can prove it”.

He says that there are dozens more military personnel – some of them very highly placed – that are preparing to come forward with more information about advanced aircraft based on reverse-engineered “non-human” technology.

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