Facebook users baffled as bloke tries to sell ‘used’ Vajankle on Marketplace

Facebook users have been left bemused after a man listed one of the most unusual items you'll ever see on its Marketplace.

A seller in Rootstown, Ohio, is trying to see a Vajankle for around £80 – and they're claiming that it is “lightly used”.

For the uninitiated, a Vajankle is a cross between a prosthetic foot and angle with a vagina on the top.

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The poster listed the item on the Portage County sell and trade no restrictions Facebook group with the comment: “Lightly used vajankle, no lowballs I know what I got (sic).”

And Facebook reacted in the rather expected horror in the comments.

One user wrote: “Imagine the Chinese people who have to make our sex toys and 5x yoga pants . . .”

And another wrote: “The type of mind that came up with this concept concerns me . . .”

The Vajankle – which is a mash-up of the worlds vagina and ankle together – first came to prominence in 2015, and has remained around the £150 price since launching.

According to Buzzfeed.com, a man who made them told that they were “very popular”.

Recalling a customer order, he told them: “He said he wanted to be able to see and massage the sole of the foot while having sex with it.

“A lot of people REALLY love feet and we’re happy to support that market.

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“We sell very large numbers of feet and also penises.”

To make it even stranger, the unnamed man explained that customers can even customise their Vajankle.

He added: “The typical toenails are the French pedicure, with Cherry toenails being the next most popular, but people do get more daring and we’ve recently had requests for turquoise, black, navy blue, dark purple, and cute art nails.”

Each to their own, we say.

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