Family spot ‘huge orb UFO’ flying and rotating above park in clear skies

A family in California were shocked after they spotted a 'huge orb' flying on a clear day – which they believed is a UFO.

In a video shared to YouTube by UFO Sightings Daily, a father and son were heard saying "no way" as they claimed the mysterious object was moving away slowly while rotating.

It has been claimed that the object remained in the area, above Menlo Park for around 15 minutes on July 10 while the sky was clear of clouds.

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The bloke who recorded the footage said: "UFO was stationary for 15 minutes before slowly ascending vertically and directly in the same position. My son and mother both were witnesses to this craft."

The footage was later submitted to Scott C. Waring who shared it on his blog as he hopes to understand it and believes it could be compelling evidence of UFOs.

Analysing the footage, the self-professed expert said: "Watch this huge orb moving over Menlo Park yesterday. The eyewitness saw it for 15 minutes, but only caught 58 seconds of video, but still, it shows us its sphere shape.

"Absolutely awesome! Love this video, as short as it is, it tells me so many things, its sphere shape, its slow rotation, its high in the blue sky and moving ever so slowly.

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"I just wish we could see it leaving. To see it move faster or change directions would help understand it a bit."

The news comes after a woman was baffled when she saw a mysterious movement in the sky where two orange orbs were flashing in dark.

Jasmine Montenegro, from Arizona in US, filmed the strange encounter over Maricopa last February and recently shared to self-proclaimed alien expert Scott C Waring.

In the 80-second long video, Jasmine identifies two huge glowing lights in the sky.


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