Fleeing Russians hitch ride on kid’s fairground train as they run from Kherson
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    Vladimir Putin’s desperate troops have been caught pillaging the Ukrainian region of Kherson, even stealing a fairground train.

    Kherson has been occupied by Russian forces since March but now the fleeing soldiers are even understood to be taking cancer treating equipment.

    Konstantin Ryzhenko, a reporter in Kherson, said: “These b******s stole a children’s train.”

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    “Do you hear me? A children's train.”

    Reports have claimed pro-Russian evacuees have been laying their hands on anything they can as the looting of the city continues.

    Russians had initially claimed they would be in Kherson forever – when this turned out not be true they became victims of mocking at the hands of Ukrainians.

    Another Kherson-based journalist Ivan Antypenko said: “Russians: Russia is here forever.

    “The same Russians stole monuments, ambulances, firefighting vehicles, property of banks, hospitals, equipment and escaped from Kherson.

    “A photo shows that Suvorov's bust has disappeared.”

    He said the thieving had also taken place in the Kherson Regional Museum, with tractors taken from nearby farms.

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    "You and I think that stealing equipment from cancer patients is something terrible,” Ukrainian MP Mykyta Poturaev said.

    “And for them there is no difference – steal a curling iron, steal an iron, steal combine harvesters.

    “They started by stealing combine harvesters and other agricultural machinery from the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions.

    “Now they stole the equipment from [cancer centre].

    “Well, what can you call it? Is this human behaviour? No, this is absolutely barbaric behaviour.

    “Savages are more civilised.”

    Reports have even come in that people have been cutting the tyres off their cars to stop them from being taken.

    The looting comes ahead of what is expected to be a major battle for the city in the coming weeks.

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