Foot Locker manager ejaculated into shoes before giving to customer to try on

A Foot Locker manager has been accused of ejaculating into trainers and handing them off to customers to try on before bragging about his sick behaviour online.

The Bramalea City Centre store manager, in Brampton, Ontario allegedly climaxed into shoes before taking them out onto the shop floor.

The allegations were made after a series of videos and photos were posted on social media by Darion Kydd of Mississauga. In the clips, he shared images of himself stark naked in the stores stock room.

Other clips included footage of him ejaculating inside a trainer before taking it out to a customer.

Footlocker issued a statement to BlogTO, stating: “Foot Locker is committed to operating with the highest ethical standards and this type of behaviour is not tolerated.

“We are aware of the incident and are taking the appropriate steps to address the situation.”

The horrifying incident isn’t the first time something like this has occurred. Last year a man publically masturbated into a crowd and ejaculated onto a young woman at a music festival.

Earlier this year we reported how a sick predator masturbated on an unsuspecting mum while she browsed the toy aisle with her 12-year-old son in a supermarket.

A McDonald's employee also admitted to climaxing into Big Mac ‘secret sauce’. He even claimed that this wasn’t a one-time act and was something he had been doing for nearly two years.

An office worker also faced criminal charges after repeatedly ejaculating into his co-worker's water bottle, honey jar and onto their computer mouse.

In other weird health news one 33-year-old spent two years pooing out of penis and ejaculating semen from bum after being diagnosed with a rare condition.

He only got help after his testicles swelled up and the pain became too much.

Savage note in office that slams man with 'very yellow urine' has Brits giggling. The worker had reached the end of their tether with a colleague who simply wouldn’t flush the loo.

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