Former Playboy model convinced she can hear ‘ghost’ of dead dog around her house

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A former Playboy model has claimed she can hear the ghost of her dead dog running around her house.

Since leaving the Playboy mansion in 2013, Bridget Marquardt has gone on to become an avid ghost hunter and says she is using her passion for the paranormal to make contact with her dog Winnie, who passed away recently.

Relaying the story to paranormal investigator John E.L. Tenney on her podcast Ghost Magnet, Bridget recounted how she thinks Winnie is communicating with her.

She explained: “Even though I kept her groomed, her nails would still get stuck in the carpet a little bit and you’d hear it go ‘click, click, click, click' sometimes like velcro on the carpet when she walked by.

“And sometimes I think I’ll hear that and I think ‘oh it’s just the cat’ and I sit up and the cat’s asleep on the end of the bed, and I’m like ‘wait no it’s not the cat’.

"So maybe I’m getting signs but I really want something that’s concrete where I’m like ‘that’s definitely her.”

Bridget’s guest John agreed that there is a strong possibility that she had heard the ghost of her dog.

He suggested: “‘People say, do animals have ghosts?’ We are animals. I know we think of ourselves as human beings and we try and set ourselves apart from them, but we’re animals too.

“If we have ghosts then of course they have ghosts, of course they have spirits that persist.

“The love that they shared with us and that we shared with them… it's intangible and their body might go away, but the love that they gave us is there forever.”

During her time as a Playboy model, Bridget starred in The Girls Next Door, a reality TV series that focused on the lives of the women who lived with Playboy owner Hugh Hefner.

She now hosts podcast Ghost Magnet in which she interviews guests from the world of paranormal investigations.

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