Germany sends huge warning to Putin as ‘territorial command’ launched to protect border

Russian TV host calls Germany's Olaf Scholz a 'moron'

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The news comes as the Federal Republic takes action to protect its own interests following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The move will see various units centralised into one task force according to news from the German federal government.

The Federal Minister of Defence, Christine Lambrecht, decided to adapt the command organisation of the armed forces in response to the current security situation: “Up to now, territorial command tasks have been spread across many areas.

“On October 1, 2022, we will pool them in a Territorial Command and Control Command of the Bundeswehr in Berlin.”

The Territorial Command of the Bundeswehr (TerrFüKdoBwTerritorial command of the Bundeswehr) is responsible for the operational leadership of national forces within the framework of homeland security, including administrative and disaster relief and civil-military cooperation.

It performs the tasks as a “deployment command” for national relocations in accordance with NATO plans for national and alliance defence.

The command organizes the movement of allied forces through Germany in close coordination with the NATO commands. 

The Defence Minister continued: “With the new command, we can quickly provide the necessary forces for a national crisis management team, in addition to the purely military tasks, if this is necessary – for example in the case of flood disasters or as in the Covid pandemic.

The command is directly subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Defence and is not part of an organisational area.

The commander of the FüKdoBwTerritorial command of the Bundeswehrthe duties of the National Territorial Commander are delegated.

Among other things, the state commands, the homeland security forces and the centre for civil-military cooperation are subordinate to the command.

The German parts of the NATO Joint Support and Enabling Command (JSEC) and the multinational Operational Command (MNKdo OpFü) are assigned to the FüKdoBwTerritorial command of the Bundeswehrassigned to military service.

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