‘Ghost of former Queen caught on camera’ in deserted castle by filmmaker

A historian jumped in terror as he captured footage of a "ghost" while filming a documentary in a deserted castle.

Paul Sanders, 42, was spooked by what he now believes could have been the spectre of a former Queen at Astley Castle, Warwickshire.

He couldn't believe his eyes when a figure wearing a flowing red gown appeared by the doorway of the medieval ruins.

Mr Sanders, who is a tour guide at Stoneleigh Abbey, Warks., is heard on the footage expressing his shock at what he had just witnessed.

While giving a commentary on an old well at the 12th-century ruin, he suddenly jumps in terror after filming the spooky apparition, BirminghamLive reports.

He is heard saying: "This could be an old door, or a well or a cellar."

Panning across to take in the view of the castle, Mr Sanders suddenly says in surprise: "Now there is a lady standing there, I hope that is not a ghost.

"I’m just going to pan it around. I just saw a lady but she’s gone.

"I’ve got to look at this footage back. I saw a lady. Did I just see a ghost? I think I just saw a ghost."

He posted the footage on Twitter and Tik Tok and within 48 hours it went viral with more than 50,000 views and shares.

Paul was filming a documentary about castles in Coventry and Warwickshire when he stumbled across the eerie spectre last Wednesday, February 3.

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He said: "I was doing this mundane video for a homemade documentary about the 12 castles surrounding Coventry between the 11th and 15th century – and there was a dark-haired lady standing there.

"I wasn’t sure if it was a ghost or a lady.

"She was wearing a long black skirt, a red top and was looking rather forlorn. I was intrigued.

"As I continued walking on the castle site I couldn’t see anyone – she disappeared.

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"I was on a permitted dog walkers’ route and it was very quiet.

"She cannot have gone inside as the castle is closed to the public and the main gates are padlocked.

"I’ve always been interested in castles.

"When you delve into the history of Coventry there were 12 castles within 10 miles of Coventry, in conjunction with the 12 city gates.

"I’ve found eight – but four are missing. This particular site is believed to be haunted."

Mr Sanders believes the ghost could have been that of Lady Jane Grey who lived in the castle in the 1550s.

She was crowned queen in 1553 but he reign lasted just nine days before Queen Mary took the throne.

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