‘Ghost of my dead dog is forcing my cat to steal teddy bear from child’s grave’
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    A mum says the ghost of her dead dog has convinced her cat to steal a teddy bear from a child's grave.

    CCTV footage has captured three-year-old moggy Demo three times swiping a teddy with a blue hat with the words "special little boy".

    Rachel Masterman, the cat's owner, says Demo likes to find gifts from the graveyard behind her house and bring them into the house.

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    The 49-year-old opened the door on Monday (January 16) to find the rather inappropriate gift that her pet had nicked.

    But it is not the first time Demo has hit headlines.

    In September of last year, the antics of the same cat saw her return to the house with anal beans in its mouth, propelling her to minor celebrity status in Wales.

    Rachel posted a photo on her local Facebook group to try and locate the owner of the bear to return it.

    She managed to find the mother who had put out the gift, who then put it back next to her child's grave.

    However, the next morning, she was aghast to see the same bear was back by her own front door.

    This convinced her that something spooky was going on so she got hold of a psychic and had a reading via video call.

    The psychic revealed that Demo was bringing the toy to Rachel by order of her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Jack who died in October.

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    Rachel, from Caldicot, Monmouthshire, Wales, is now convinced that her deceased pooch is trying to send her a message of support from beyond the grave.

    "People commented on my post saying it might be a sign so I spoke to the psychic. I'm into things like that," she said.

    "She (the psychic) asked me to send over photos of relatives, dead or alive. I sent her a mixture of things. I tried not to give anything away. I sent her a picture of Jack, Demo and the teddy bear. I didn't say anything, I just let her say things.

    "She said the teddy bear belongs to a baby boy which is pretty obvious because it says 'special boy' on it. She asked what the link between the teddy and the cat was so I asked her to elaborate before I told her the story.

    "She said it was something to do with the dog and she asked if the dog had passed recently. She said the cat is bringing the toy from Jack. I broke down into tears. It's still so raw. I had a warm glow thinking it had come from my beloved dog."

    Rachel once again returned the teddy back to the gravestone, but could not believe it when yesterday (Wednesday, January 18) Demo repeated the trick once again, this time being caught on camera by a neighbour.

    Rachel said: "When she brought it in the morning I screamed for my daughter and there it was laying in the snow. I just said 'oh my God'."

    "My neighbour caught Demo on camera with the teddy and I thought 'thank God for that' because people might think I'm making it up."

    Fortunately, the owner of the teddy bear has been very understanding, while Rachel remains convinced that the strange events are evidence of her late dog communicating with her.


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