Ghosthunter warns there are signs you’re being haunted by ‘evil spirits’

An Australian 'psychic ghosthunter' has revealed that homeowners can usually spot the clues that their houses are haunted.

Whether or not we'd like to admit it, we've all had the sneaking suspicion our house is haunted on more than one occasion.

Whether it's things that go bump in the night or the creeping existential dread that we deserve to be hunted by spectral goons, mankind's urge to believe in the unbelievable is well documented.

And according to famous spook Catarina Ligato, some people's fears may be more justified than you'd initially think.

Known as the Australian ghost whisperer, Catarina has enjoyed a long and successful career pulling back the curtains on the spiritual world.

According to the expert, there are several signs your house may be haunted.

Speaking to the Mail, Catarina explained that there was one clear sign of a haunting.

She said: "Most people complain of always being cold, and of being tired all the time. This is because the ghosts use living things as a kind of battery to keep them Earthside."

She also explained that the presence of an evil spirit can have terrifying effects on the personalities of those they haunt.

She continued: "I met this woman who said she and her husband had been soulmates, but then they moved house and it all changed.

"He became a gambler and started cheating on her with sex workers.

"When she kicked him out she did research on the place and found out the guy who lived there before used to run sex slaves and was a horrible man."

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Luckily though, Catarina explained that most ghosts are harmless, but the real trouble comes when someone who was evil in life dies.

She said: "Some of them feel evil in death because they were in life.

'"If you are a horrible person in life, a murderer or something nasty then that darkness follows you. I can feel the darkness, I can feel the terrible deeds."

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