Girl in Peru who was 'kidnapped by gang of 7ft tall aliens' tells all

Girl, 15, in Peru who was ‘kidnapped by gang of 7ft tall aliens’ shares traumatic experience

  • Local teen girl says ‘alien’ jet-pack attackers spread a ‘burning’ cream on her face
  • Prosecutors believe the 7-ft ‘aliens’ are an illegal Colombian gold-mining cartel 
  • Police arrested, but then released, two implicated in this illegal gold mining
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A Peruvian girl who was nearly kidnapped by what witnesses described as a gang of ‘7ft-tall aliens’ has revealed new details from her traumatic experience.

Earlier this year, reported  how residents of a Peruvian village known as the Haikito tribe had been living in fear after a spate of attacks by towering creatures.

The story made international headlines and became even more bizarre when Peru’s National Prosecutor’s Office said gold mining gangs had staged the attacks to terrorize local residents and keep them indoors while they raided the gold-rich jungle in which their village is located.

One of their victims, 15-year-old Talia has now told documentarians that she was attacked by two masked figures clad in black body armor.

The 15-year-old Peruvian girl (above) who was nearly kidnapped by what witnesses described as a band of 7ft-tall, ‘alien’ attackers with jetpacks has now revealed new details from her traumatic experience. For starters, the ‘aliens’ injected an unidentified cream into her nostrils

The teen, whose first name is Talia, but whose last name has been withheld to protect her privacy, described her attempted kidnappers’ masks as having ‘green’ eyes. Their jetpacks, she said, had platforms activated by ‘a button’ on their boots (as explained above)

Local Peruvian prosecutors are still investigating the case and suspect that criminal gold-minging cartels began using the jetpacks to prospect for gold deeper into Peru’s Alto Nanay jungle. Above, Talia shows a jetpack similar to what she and others saw during her ‘alien’ attack

‘My eye felt bad, it felt cloudy. My face felt like it was swelling,’ the fifteen-year-old said of the nightmarish experience in her new interview. ‘I couldn’t feel my face.’

She said her high-tech assailants had injected an unidentified cream-and-powder mixture into her nostrils. 

The alleged attackers then spread this same unidentified mixture over her face.

The teen described her attempted kidnappers’ masks as having ‘green’ eyes. Their jetpacks, she said, had platforms activated by ‘a button’ on their boots.

Two Colombians were detained in connection with the illegal gold mining this November, only to be released upon orders of a local judge 10 days later.

This past summer, members of Peru’s small Ikitu population compared their airborne attackers to ‘green goblins’ and local superstitions about ‘los Pelacaras,’ (‘the Face Peelers’) ― with local leaders describing these ‘armored’ and ‘floating’ menaces as impervious to bullets. 

‘These gentlemen are aliens,’ as one Ikitu leader, Jairo Reátegui Ávila, told local broadcaster Radio Programas del Perú (RPP) last August.

Terrified villagers in rural northern Peru claimed they were under attack by 7ft-tall aliens this summer, which they have dubbed ‘los Pelacaras’ (the Face Peelers). Above, a man with bandages around his head, who was supposedly attacked by the aliens

But the Peruvian government prosecutor now investigating the case, Carlos Castro Quintanilla, speculated publicly that the terror attacks had a more terrestrial origin.

‘They would be using state-of-the-art technology, such as thrusters that allow people to fly,’ Quintanilla told RPP as he put forward his operating theory that illegal gold miners armed with ‘jetpacks’ were responsible for the attacks.

Talia and her local community are nestled in the dense jungle of rural Alto Nanay, where gold has deposited itself like silt along the riverbeds of the Nanay river, which flows into the Amazon. 

According to Peru’s Financial Intelligence Unit (la Unidad de Inteligencia Financiera or UIF), illicit gold mining has become more profitable for the region’s storied drug cartels than drug trafficking itself. 

The practice netted $8.2 billion for these criminal groups from 2013-2023, compared to just $640 million from drug trafficking, according to a recent UIF report cited by the news organization la Republica Data. 

Talia’s new interview — given to the newly formed paranormal-focused documentary group, 5-MeO Productions — adds further weight to the prosecutor’s notion that her attempted kidnappers were human after all.

‘I went back to our garden to pick tangerines,’ Talia told the 5-MeO crew from her family’s porch. 

‘And while I was picking tangerines, so I could make myself a drink, that’s when I felt dry leaves blowing all around me.’

As Talia turned around to determine the cause of the blowing leaves, she saw, in her words (translated from Spanish), ‘a very tall man behind me’ whom she believes was ‘a gringo’ (a white man).  

‘When I tried to run, he grabbed me from back here,’ Talia continued, gesturing to the back of her neck. ‘And he turned me around and covered my mouth.’ 

In mid-2023, Peru’s Environmental Prosecutor’s Office reports that they destroyed 110 illegal gold dredges and 10 criminal mining camps. In 2020, a NASA astronaut was able to snap pics (above) of Peru’s glittering (but illegal) gold pits while on board the International Space Station

Peru’s National Prosecutor’s Office, which is investigating the flying ‘alien’ attacks, has pointed the finger at these illegal gold-mining ‘mafias’ which were ejected from Brazil and Colombia. Above, armed Peruvian officials arrive at the rural Ikitu community in Alto Nanay to investigate

The attempted kidnapping, which occurred approximately between 6pm and 6.30 local time on July 29th of this year, was witnessed by neighbors and Talia’s family.

One witness, a local school teacher named Cristian Caleb Pacaya, told RPP Noticias that multiple residents saw the armored attackers were flying with propellers and high-tech equipment.

‘We have investigated what suit those men would be using to get to those places,’ Pacaya, who works in the nearby San Antonio de Pintuyacu community, told RPP.

As Talia recalled in her new interview, her second would-be ‘alien’ kidnapper appeared as ‘a light’ rising behind her.

‘A light lifts into the air and I see it coming towards me and lands in front of me,’ the teen told the 5-MeO team.

The second of these two men (or humanoid-like beings in body armor), Talia said, ‘grabbed both of my legs and started dragging me away.’

Unable to carry on with their daily lives in the village, which is approximately 10 hours by river from the Loreto region’s capital city of Iquitos in north Peru, these Ikitu locals (above) organized into night patrols to hunt down their high-tech, gold cartel attackers 

Although the motives of her attackers were not clear, Talia believes they were attempting to activate their jetpack-like devices via what was looked like a button on the inner side of their leg, near their calf muscle, on something that was ‘like a boot.’

‘At the same time they were dragging me, they were touching this part right here,’ she said. ‘At the same time that they would elevate, they pressed something here.’

Talia described their body armor as ‘a vest that was very hard,’ a mask made of ‘a hard material’ that may have been ‘metal’ with ‘two straps’ in the back, and the black metal boots that fit into a circular ‘wheel’-like platform that helped them fly.

‘Their eyes were a green color,’ she said of their masks. 

‘As they were dragging me away, I was able to move with more strength,’ Talia said. ‘They dropped me and I fell to the ground.’

‘When I fell they pinned me to the ground,’ she continued. ‘That’s when he asked him for a cream.’

According to the 15-year-old, this was when the taller of her two masked attackers mixed a cream and powder mixture together in his hands and ‘then used something like a syringe’ to inject the substance into each of her nostrils.

Next, the tall ‘alien’ attacker began to spread this same substance across her face. 

‘After he did both sides,’ she told the 5-MeO crew. ‘I felt it was burning me.’

The harrowing ordeal reached a climax as one of her attackers took out what she described as ‘a little stick,’ with a retractable point, and tried to cut her neck. 

‘It made a sound, but I couldn’t feel anything. I could hear it,’ Talia said. ‘My own skin made a sound’ 

Later news reports stated that Talia sustained cuts to her neck and other injuries during the attempted kidnapping. The documentary group 5-MeO posted photos of hospital records in an effort to confirm aspects of the story from Talia and her family.

News reports stated that Talia sustained cuts to her neck and other injuries during the attempted kidnapping. The documentary group 5-MeO posted photos of hospital records to social media site X, in an effort to confirm aspects of the story from Talia and her family

‘When they took me to the Santa Maria district [hospital] they gave me a referral for me to go see a psychologist,’ Talia said, as alluded to in the official document (pictured)

‘When they took me to the Santa Maria district [hospital] they gave me a referral for me to go see a psychologist,’ Talia said of her traumatic experience.

‘What happened to me is a very sad thing,’ she said, ‘in the month of July when we were going through a crisis, because of strange men that came to our community.’

Ultimately, Talia managed to escape the kidnappers during the struggle by nearly revealing the identity of the taller, so-called ‘alien.’

‘When I tried to lift up the mask, that’s when he let go of me,’ she said, ‘So he could lower his mask. That’s when I began screaming.’ 

‘The taller one spoke like a gringo,’ she recalled of the taller attacker’s Spanish skills. ‘He didn’t speak well, he didn’t say the words correctly.’

The shorter of the two attackers spoke a more fluent, Peruvian dialect, she said.

‘When everyone, my brothers, the neighbors, came to see me, that’s when my brother saw from my cousin’s garden how they flew away,’ Talia said.

As her community responded to her cries for help, she said that they witnessed the masked each stand on a ‘thing that was like a wheel,’ pressed the buttons on their boots and make their escape. 

‘They used their hands to balance,’ she said.

‘I could hear, but I couldn’t see. It was burning from what they put on me, I was in tears,’ as Talia described the fight to remove her from the kidnappers, one of whom was still clutching her by the hair.

‘When my sister picked me up, a white phlegm came out of my nose,’ she said.

Prior to the recent interview, Talia (left) also told her story to a self-described ‘modern-day Indiana Jones,’ Timothy Alberino (above right), who lists his interests as including ‘ancient mythologies,’ ‘UFOs and alien abduction,’ and ‘Christian eschatology.’

Even Alberino, who first believed the attackers were extraterrestrials, has now warmed to the hypothesis that the mysterious, armor-clad beings that terrorized the community around Peru’s Alto Nanay were most likely terrestrial and human

On November 14, arrest warrants were issued for four individuals linked to a Colombian group known as ‘Los Rebeldes de Nanay’ after the river where their illegal gold mining occurs

Prosecutor Carlos Castro Quintanilla of the Specialized Environmental Prosecutor’s Office (La Fiscalía Especializada en Materia Ambiental or FEMA) in Peru’s Maynas province told reporters they could only apprehend two of the four individuals linked to the illegal gold mining (above)

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