Google Earth fans claim geoglyph discovered in desert is ‘proof of giants’

A Google Earth user has discussed the finding of a mile-wide geoglyph in a remote desert and some conspiracy theorists have boldly claimed it is proof of giants.

YouTuber MrMBB333 uploaded a clip to his popular channel where he often shares interesting findings from Google Earth and Google Maps, as well as footage of sky phenomena that fans send in.

In it, he shows the Marree Man geoglyph in Australia which was discovered in 1998, and speculates it may have existed much earlier.

Comparing it to the pre-historic Atacama Giant geoglyph in Chile, he points out the early civilization that created the artwork in the Atacama desert didn't have the help of GPS.

The YouTuber said this proves it is possible the Marree Man in Australia could have been made without modern technology.

He asks: "So how did they do this so precisely? You can see this giant geoglyph in the Atacama desert that's nearly 300ft tall with many features, just like the one here in southern Australia."

The video was watched more than 68,000 times since it was shared on February 18 and many people had their own strange ideas about the history of the etchings.

One user commented: "Fact: Giants lived here before us. Really big giants. Things like this and the Nazca lines… are probably from giant kids drawing in the dirt."

"Giants did exist… I believe they drew the giant images that date 1000 or so years ago. Genesis 6," said a second.

A third user commented: "The geoglyphs were obviously made as an attempt at getting the alien's attention, wanting contact.

Someone else wrote: "Listen, the fella in the Atacama desert looks like E.T. and I mean not just a little bit, a whole lot like the short little alien who befriended Eliott."

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the Marree Man which was discovered accidentally by a pilot in 1998 and there are ongoing debates about whether it's a work of indigenous art, a prank, or something else entirely.

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