Google Earth user spots eerie ‘burning cross’ standing in the middle of nowhere

An eerie sight spotted on Google Earth near a remote Arctic research base appears to be the site of some strange ritual.

Reddit user The Lez posted a screenshot of what looks like a burning cross near Summit Camp in Greenland.

The camp, established in 1989 by the United States' National Science Foundation, maintains a skeleton staff of four or five researchers during the winter months. Even in high summer, temperatures at the camp don’t rise above freezing.

At this time of year, average temperatures range between 28º below zero and an incredible minus 51 Centigrade.

In August this year, in a warning sign of the warming climate, the first rain fell since records began.

The strange sight hasn’t been explained, with some commenters arguing that it’s a crashed aircraft and others maintaining that it’s a radio antenna.

Enthusiasts are constantly using Google Earth to comb remote areas in search of weird and wonderful sights.

One Google Earth user found another mysterious base in the Arctic with what they believe are 'Tic-Tac UFOs' similar to the ones spotted by pilots from the USS Nimitz emerging from it.

Another spotted a 150-foot message carved into desert land near the Red Sea. It read "SOS STRANDED" dating from 2019.

"I think this goes back to, at least the imagery that I can found, 2019 and I don't know any other details," YouTuber Mr MBB333 said.

"If we go down a little bit more, we can see two more letters that appear to spell 'NO'. You can see tracks in this location but I don't know how to identify these tracks."

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Meanwhile on Starbuck Island, in the central Pacific, Google Earth fans think they’ve seen a crashed UFO.

The mystery object is "visible on Google Earth showing a massive trail behind the object indicating high velocity and great amount of energy to go that far,” according to Reddit poster DansterDj.

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