Google is quietly shutting down a popular app in a service shake-up

Google is quietly shutting down a popular app in a service shake-up that will affect thousands of movie fans – here’s how to check if you’ll be affected

  • Google has announced it will be shutting down the Play Movies & TV app
  • From 17 January purchased content will be moved to YouTube or Android TV

In yet another service shake-up, Google is shutting down a popular app used by thousands of movie fans. 

Over the next few weeks, the tech giant will begin to close down the Google Play Movies & TV app. 

The service has already disappeared from smart TVs and soon will be gone for good.

From 17 January, you will no longer be able to access your purchased or rented films through Play Movies & TV.

But they won’t be lost forever – as purchased films and TV will transfer to Android TV and YouTube. 

Google has announced it will be shutting down a popular movie streaming service used by thousands of fans 

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Google has been slowly trying to kill off the Play Movies & TV service since 2021 after it launched its standalone TV app. 

Play Movies & TV has already been removed from all Roku devices and the majority of smart TVs but is still available on Android TV devices and the Google Play Store. 

In a recent post on Android TV Help, Google confirmed that the service will soon be removed from these platforms.

In the post, Google explained: ‘We are making some changes to simplify how you purchase new movies or access the movies and TV shows you’ve purchased through Google.’

However, if you are a Google Play Movies and TV user, there is no need to panic as you will still be able to access your purchases.

‘You’ll still be able to access all of your previously purchased titles (including active rentals) on Android TV devices, Google TV devices, the Google TV mobile app (Android and iOS), and YouTube,’ Google reassured. 

Google has been phasing out the Play Movies and TV will soon be removed from the Google play store and Android TV devices (stock image)

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From 17 January, if you have a TV or streaming device powered by Android TV, you will be able to find your purchased titles under the ‘Shop’ tab under ‘Your Library’.

If you use a cable box or set-top box powered by Android TV then all your previously purchased content will now be under the YouTube app. 

To find your purchases, open the YouTube app and go to the Movies & TV section where your content will be under the ‘Purchased’ tab.

For web browser users, the process will be the same – simply head to YouTube and look in the same section. 

However, Google does note that not all countries have the ability to purchase and rent films through YouTube.

This will not affect the UK, US, or Australia, but users in other countries should check whether they can access these services in their country. 

While 17 January is the final deadline, Google says that the update will be rolling out over the next few weeks depending on location and country. 

For people who used a set-top box or browser to access Play Movies & TV, all your content will be moved to YouTube (stock image)

Where will my purchases and rentals be after Google Play Movies & TV shuts down? 

Google has confirmed that your purchased content and active rentals will be accessible from January 17 when the app is finally shut down. 

If you use an Android TV

  • Open the ‘Shop’ tab on Android TV
  • Select the ‘Your Library’ row
  • This will bring up your purchases once they have been transferred 

If you use a cable or set-top box

  • If your box is powered by Android TV then your library will have been transferred to YouTube
  • Open the YouTube app on your TV
  • Select the Movies & TV section 
  • Your Media will be under the ‘Purchased’ tab

If you use a web browser

  • Head to the YouTube website 
  • Select Movies & TV and click on your ‘Purchased tab

Other ways to watch

  • Google also says you can watch your purchased content on the Google TV mobile app for iOS and Android 
  • They do not specify where the content will be but it may be stored under the ‘Your Stuff’ tab 

For most smart TV users, content from Google Play Movies & TV will move to Android TV on January 17

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