Google Maps captures ‘alcoholic’ Chelsea fan making a very rude gesture

Google Streetview not only offers a look into places you will probably never get a chance to visit, it also offers an insight into human nature.

No matter where you go in the world, when people spot the Google camera car trundling though their neighbourhood, they will do something special to immortalise themselves online.

Some people dress as pigeons, others dress as bears. Some, even – apparently – go to the bother of staging a massive police operation.

But this bloke takes the biscuit. As soon as he got the word that the Google van was on its way he rushed onto his doorstep and made his bid for internet fame with a not particularly polite gesture.

Not all that much is known about the mystery man. He’s presumably a Chelsea fan, judging by the vintage 2003-2004 season away strip that’s remembered by insiders as “the fag packet” and – according to the Reddit user who posted the image online – he’s somebody’s “alcoholic neighbour”.

A few Reddit users were convince that the anonymous Chelsea fan has also suffered a major wardrobe malfunction but close analysis reveals that to be a trick of the light.

The “rude gesture for the Google camera” isn’t an entirely original idea. As one Reddit user commented: “I found someone flipping off the Google Street view on my street too."

Another said: "Years ago a classmate at college found themselves walking down the street someone else found their dog watching from the window”

Google’s Streetview is a constant source of wild and wacky images, from a fairytale wedding on the A412 just south of Uxbridge’s Crooked Billet services, to someone creating the original old-school street view – a painter in London’s Kensington Gardens painting the passers-by.

All human life is there if you have the patience to search around. And perhaps some alien life too.

A few people are convinced that they’ve found alien motherships and other spooky goings-on on the endlessly handy and entertaining map service.

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