Google Maps user claims to have found mythical giant sea monster near Antarctica

A Google Maps user claims they have found a 'Kraken' in the ocean near Antarctica.

The screenshot posted by BravenButter to the subreddit 'Google Maps Shennanigans' shows a light brown figure surrounded by crashing waves.

"I'm sure I'm not the first to find this, but it seems to be some sort of Kraken," the Reddit user wrote.

"To find go to deception Island on Google maps then look at the dark spot in the bottom left."

The legendary sea beast is a giant squid-like creature that is typically found in sagas from Norway and Sweden.

Legendary accounts claim it grew up to 13-15m (40-50 feet) in length.

Some Reddit users replied saying the sight was "disturbing" while others speculated what was going on on the shore.

However, others on Reddit weren't convinced and claimed that the sight was actually a rock aptly named 'Deception Island.'

One user said: "Gotta say, I'm a little bummed. I was hoping for some mythological creatures, or at least revolutionary animals before we die off."

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Another added: "Good to know the Kraken apocalypse isn't nearing, thanks."

"It is Deception Island after all and after researching that 'Kraken' is just a rock," a third added.

Deception Island is an island in the South Shetland Islands close to the Antarctic Peninsula and is in the caldera of an active volcano.

The news comes after Google Maps users were left spooked by a perfect circle that appeared in some desert mountains, sparking theories that it is a UFO landing site.

An image was uploaded to the r/Google Maps forum on Reddit, alongside the caption: "What's this round thing?"

The picture, taken from Google Map's satellite view, clearly shows a large circular dent in an otherwise innocuous mountain range.

Following the coordinates on the screenshot, it appears that the bizarre circle is in Egypt.

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