Google Maps user sparks mystey after uploading image of strange doorway

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A Google Maps user has spotted a mysterious doorway on the site.

Uploaded to Reddit under the tagline 'entrance to…", the door appears to be carved into a stone structure on a mountainside.

Some amateur sleuths did some digging online to find out what it could be.

One said: "It seems to be in Turkey, between Burdur and Denizli.

"There are many ancient Greek cities in that part of the country: this thing could be a part of such an archeological site. Closest one seems to be 'Kibyra' but it is still pretty far.

"Edit: I found some article in Turkish that there are some archeological findings in Derekoy, if anyone interested."

Another Reddit user helpfully commented that the doorway is on the planet "Uranus".

A third added that it could be the entrance to a "tomb or burial site".

They said: "On a serious note it does seem likely to be the entrance to a tomb/burial site.

"Feel like I've seen that type of arch at entrances to tombs before."

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Google Maps fans are often finding curious images on the popular site.

Recently one discovered that Google Maps had censored a mysterious 'nuke island', sparking wild conspiracy theories.

The island, which is part of French Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean and doesn't allow visitors, can only be seen in bizarre satellite imagery after being censored by the site.

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Meanwhile, an eagle-eyed Google Maps user spotted a 'naked cowboy' with a guitar on a busy city street.

The street performer was seen with not much to protect his modesty in Mexico City.

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