Google Maps user spots spooky ‘ghost hotel’ building that ‘was never there’

Mysterious 'phantom' buildings have been found on Google Maps next to Manchester Magistrates Court.

Twitter user Kimberly reported the phenomena which she claims are "weird phantom buildings."

She tweeted: "What the f*** are these weird phantom buildings on Google Maps. They're just clipping into other buildings. They're not real. WTF."

The buildings seem to intersect with other buildings on Manchester's Bridge Street in between the swanky Lowry Hotel and the local Magistrates Court.

Replies to her tweet included some bizarre suggestions, ranging from the idea that they were from another dimension, to evidence of Russian hacking or ghost hotels that had been captured.

And this isn't the first case of a possible paranormal occurrence in Greater Manchester. Last Month possible UFOs were spotted above Rochdale Infirmary.

In the clip, the bright sphere appears to hang in the air reflecting the bright light of the sun.

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The object doesn't appear to move much but it looks as if it is shimmering because sometimes it is brighter and sometimes barely visible.

Dave Watkins, from Tameside, recorded the footage whilst he was waiting outside Rochdale Infirmary.

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He told his local paper: "Having experienced a UFO sighting as a child back in the early seventies I do confess to believing there's something out there.

"I only wish I'd captured more footage and that I had my 'proper' video camera to hand rather than just my mobile phone, which offered somewhat questionable clarity."

He added: "A number of folk, via Facebook, have suggested it was a helium balloon but I'm not convinced."

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Dave said he had a previous paranormal experience after he spotted a mysterious object in the sky returning to his childhood home in Hadfield in the early 70s.

"It looked almost like a candle flame in the sky, or, imagine the burner on a hot air balloon – but there was no balloon," he said.

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