Google Maps user stunned to discover huge ‘dinosaur pay phone’ in city centre

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Public telephone boxes come in all shapes and its, from the classic Red Telephone Box to Doctor Who’s time-travelling TARDIS.

But one Google Maps fan has found what may well be the strangest payphone of all time. It’s a giant model dinosaur with a telephone handset hidden in its belly.

The bizarre sight was spotted in the city of Diadema in Argentina and logged on Reddit.

Argentina certainly has had more than its fair share of remarkable fossil finds over the years – from the fearsome Llukalkan aliocranianus, a relative of T. Rex with horns on its head to Patagotitan mayorum, a 115-foot monster that scientists believe may have been the biggest land animal ever to have lived on Earth.

It’s not immediately clear which of the over 700 known dinosaur species the payphone is modelled on, but it may be a variant of the plant-eating Camptosaurus.

Whatever it is, it may not be there for long. As soon as the discoverer revealed where they had found the extraordinary telephone box, another Reddit commenter remarked “It was a secret!! Now it's gonna get stolen…can’t have s*** in Argentina!”

But elsewhere in South America, there are even more incredible dinosaur sightings to be found.

One stunned Google Maps user stumbled across a what appeared to be a real-life Jurassic Park. The “tiny dinosaur” spotted on a salt plain in Chile.

There are many more optical illusions to be found around the world if you have the patience to comb through the millions of square miles of searchable Google Maps, but if you’re impatient and just want to see a dino in your chosen spot you can always download a game made to publicise the 2018 action movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Ludia and Universal’s Jurassic World™ Alive still is available for free on Google Play and the App Store and lets you place realistic-looking dinosaurs in real-world locations to give you a sense fo how those long-extinct monsters would have looked alongside human-scale landmarks.

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