Google Maps users find city ‘abandoned in desert’ – but explanation is simple

Reddit users have been left baffled at an eerie abandoned city in the middle of the desert that was stumbled upon by a Google Maps sleuth.

The bizarre image, which shows what looks to be a huge hilly city made out of sand, was found by user u/Peanut2504 and posted to the r/GoogleMaps subreddit.

A top down view of the strange city-like scape seems to show abandoned buildings and vehicles, as well as what looks like some sort of racetrack.

Reddit users have been racking their brains as to what the image could be showing, with some using it as an opportunity to make some jokes.

One user joked: "This is where they filmed Cars."

Another said: "New star gate season confirmed?"

But others believe they have got to the bottom of the mysterious abandoned city.

One smart Reddit user wrote: "I think that's Michael Heizer's ''City of the Art''. It's an art installation."

A second person backed up this claim: "Cost more than 25 million to build, according to an unsourced claim on Wikipedia."

Michael Heizer is a celebrated American land artist who works mainly in large-scale sculptures – he began work on the "City" in 1970 and is believed to have completed it in 2020.

In other Reddit news, Google Maps users have been left terrified with the name of the tiny island called Little Massacre Island.

Little Massacre Island is an uninhabited island located in Lake of the Woods, on the American side of the border between the US and Canada.

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The Google Maps discovery was uploaded by Reddit user 2000000man and has left users baffled as to whether the island's name is real and what is the reason behind it.

User 2000000man captioned the post: "THIS IS NOT REAL THIS IS NOT REAL THIS IS NOT REAL".

Some Reddit users seemed confused as to the reason behind the island's naming, with one writing: "Okay, I’m still lost so is this in reference to a show or a book?

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