Google Maps users think they spot a giraffe in someone’s back garden

Google Maps users thought they had spotted a giraffe in someone's back garden – but all was not as it seemed.

The peculiar scene was picked up in Ethiopia as someone browsed the site, posting it on Reddit.

They wrote: "There's a giraffe in someone's backyard in this photo in Ethiopia."

But another Reddit user quickly responded: "I hope you all realise that's a fake giraffe, not an actual living one."

The original poster replied: "I must say, I hadn't realized that before. Anyway, in both cases it's quite hilarious or at least unusual."

Another user added: "They are all fake."

One more asked: "Is that like when people in the US put realistic fake deer statues in their yard?"

Google Maps fans are often coming across weird and wonderful scenes on the site.

Recently one spotted a pair of legs appearing to sprout from a tower on the Italian island of Pantelleria.

Commenting on the strange illusion, one Reddit user wrote: "I was just looking at this tower thing when out of nowhere some hairy legs appeared out of nowhere."

A second added: "I was confused at what I was looking at."

A Google Earth browser also saw a person wearing a full lion costume in a bizarre street scene.

The strange incident happened in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, with people going about their daily business around the lion-man as he chilled on a bench.

And other Google Maps users came across a man appearing to defecate on the street in Mexico.

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