‘Haunted’ ventriloquist doll caught blinking on GoPro now locked in ‘freak room’

The terrifying moment a World War II ventriloquist doll "blinks and moves its mouth" has been captured on camera.

This chilling event occurred in the home of Michael Diamond, 48. who brought home a "Mr Fritz" doll from the Second World War and soon noticed "strange" things happening. Michael, from Liverpool, was given the 1940s doll by a former prisoner at a Nazi WWII camp and believes it's "haunted".

He noticed that the doll's glass display cabinet would mysteriously swing open at night. To investigate, Mr Diamond set up a GoPro camera to record over two nights.

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On reviewing the footage, he saw the cabinet door opening and the doll's mouth and eyes moving.

Michael said: "When I first watched the video back I had a weird feeling in my stomach. I wasn't completely surprised because what has been happening with the door. At least once or twice a week I noticed the door kept coming off its latch.

"I decided to set up the camera for fun just to see if anything would happen. When something actually did I got a weird feeling in my gut, it's hard to describe. I was really taken back by it and I did have a strange feeling. I wouldn't say I'm scared of Mr Fritz but I am wary of it."

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Now, Mr Fritz is safely locked away in a cupboard, secured with chains and a padlock, and covered with a blanket. Mr Diamond, an entertainer who travels the country performing stunts with his museum full of collector's items, received Mr Fritz from a local militaria collector in July.

The doll now resides in his "freak room", where he keeps all his collectibles. The eerie doll was crafted by an American prisoner at Stalag II-B, a German World War II camp, now located in the town of Czarne in Poland.

Mr Diamond suspects that the prisoner was a ventriloquist before his capture. Convinced that the doll is haunted, he has securely locked the cabinet in his home and draped it with a blanket.

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