Haunted ventriloquist doll’s mouth ‘opens and closes by itself’, owner claims

A haunted ventriloquist doll’s mouth spookily opens and closes all by itself, its owner says.

Gregor Stewart, 51, of Fife, Scotland, bought the doll four years ago from a dealer in California, US, who wanted to sell it to someone as far away from him as possible.

He claims the doll, named Uncle Herb, opens and closes its gob even though the mechanism of the mouth does not work.

The building surveyor said the doll opens it when he’s “not happy about something”, such as being left in his case.

He claimed to speak the spirit “attached to the doll” through a spirit box.

This is a paranormal research device which allows spirits to communicate by manipulating white noise to form words and phrases.

Mr Stewart said: “The spirit attached to uncle Herb was frustrated at being forgotten as he had never been given a name and had previously belonged to an elderly woman who kept him in a cupboard.

“Since we have had him, he had had lots of people engaging with him and he’s been given a name so there is a much more positive energy around him.”

While interacting with the doll, he says it’s referenced prison. This is why he believes he doesn’t like being in the case.

The US seller got the doll from a family who wanted rid of it, after an elderly lady who owned it had died.

Mr Stewart said: “The doll was kept away in a cupboard and the family would always hear lots of noises coming from where he was kept.

“They had warned him about it but he was happy to take it.

“Once the man got it back to his home, he said that he was constantly hearing footsteps through the night.

“He eventually moved it to his garage but the noises and disturbances continued so he decided to put it up for sale.”

He said he “refused to sell it to anyone in the same state as him because he wanted to be as far away from the doll as possible”.

“The fact that he didn’t even want to be near the doll spiked my interest even more,” Mr Stewart added.

“We agreed on a price and he came over to Scotland.”

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He continued: “When I first saw the doll in real life I was expecting to feel negative energy from him, but I didn’t get that at all.

“Initially people would get a feeling of discomfort around him but now people just want to hold him and cuddle him.

“He is always on display as he doesn’t like being kept in a case. He is sat on a shelf.

“We estimate that he is from the early 1900s. He is such an intriguing doll.”

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