Hidden Nazi railway may lead to long-lost ‘Amber Room’ ransacked by Hitler’s men

History fanatics who uncovered a hidden railway and former Nazi bunker believe that it may be the long-lost "Amber Room".

Jaćwież Historical and Exploratory Association discovered the hidden rail tracks and wagon wheels while digging at the Mamerki bunker complex in Poland.

The narrow railroad was located five feet below the surface in an area that has recently been cleared of trees.

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According to the Daily Mail, the complex was the base for Adolf Hitler’s German Army Supreme Command.

It was also located a few kilometres away from the Wolf's Lair bunker.

Experts already knew that a railway line ran from Mamerki to the Wolf's Lair but existing documents about the line were stored inside the bunker itself.

Bartlomiej Plebańczyk from the Mamerki museum, posted to social media: “This is a huge surprise as we did not know that there was a railroad inside the complex.

“Could it be the Gold Train with the Amber Room? We'll find out soon enough…

“We don't know why this track was even made here.

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“What did the Germans carry in the wagons and why did someone bother to cover it with a one-and-a-half metre layer of earth”.

The bunker was originally built for the Russian tsar Peter the Great in the 1700s, it was packed with amber, gold and other precious jewels until it was looted by Natzi in 1941.

Then in January 1945, it vanished following a series of tirades on the city. Reports claimed it had been destroyed, but some believe it had been hidden away.

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The search has been on ever since.

Until May last year, when the Mamerki Museum found hope that the Amber Room could be hidden on its grounds following the discovery of a network of secret tunnels.

But excavations revealed that they were empty.

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