Hollywood psychic who ‘talks to ghosts’ says they don’t spy when you’re on loo

A leading celebrity psychic opened up on one of the most common questions he's asked.

Matt Fraser, from the US, revealed many fear they're being watched over be spooky spirits when they want to be alone.

But thankfully, he Hollywood medium assured that even spectres have manners.

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He said: "As much as we had privacy in this world, our loved ones respect our privacy in spirit. It’s much like having security cameras in your house.

"The same way we have security cameras in our house, and we can look in on our significant other or whoever’s in our house, we can kind of spy to see what they’re doing, we don’t do that because we respect their privacy.

"The same day you wouldn’t open the door as they’re using the toilet, your loved ones won’t do that on the other side."

Fraser spoke exclusively before the release of his new title We Never Die through Gallery – a division of Simon and Schuster on August 23, 2022. The book is already on the best pre-selling lists.

In the book, the author also claims says that he visits heaven regularly – and that death is not something that human beings should fear.

American Fraser, who is favourite of Hollywood stars like Gloria Estefan and Jenny McCarthy, claims he can describe the journey from taking your last breath to moving into the afterlife.

He believes humans remain alive in a different dimension and in touch with those on earth – and urges people to embrace the spirit world as they keep us safe.

The author says he's witnessed some deceased relatives beside humans and feels that loved ones do communicate from beyond the grave.

However Fraser insists that evil spirits are extremely rare and prefer to stay away from haunting humans.

He said: "The moment that we take our last breath here in this world a tunnel of light opens up, we start to leave our body, our soul transitions on to the other side, but before we get there, we go through a transition process. In this transition process, one of the steps that we take, it’s called the 'life review'.

"And during this life review, it’s when all of a sudden you see everything that has happened in your life while you were alive.

"The moment that you were born, to the moment you took your first steps, to the moment that you took your last breath, and you see everything in between.

"We see the people that we’ve helped, we see the people that we’ve hurt, we see the challenges that we go through, we see the challenges that we went through here in this world. We find out what our life purpose is.

"And also, during this life review, is the time when we reflect. When we forgive the people that hurt us, when we go back and we let go of the anger, the negativity, the pain, the hate. All of those heavy emotions that we carry with us here in this world, we choose to leave behind. And by us, choosing to leave those emotions behind, is what allows us to transition on i to heaven. Now, that being said, not everybody will actually make that transition happen. Some souls sit in that life review process for quite some time. Some souls go through it more quickly."

Fraser claims a few evil humans don't make it to heaven – but insists the concept of hell is inaccurate.

He said: "Some souls were pure evil. I’ve noticed they don’t care. They don’t care that they hurt people here in this world. Those are the souls that don’t transition onto the other side. Actually where evil souls come from.

"Those are souls that don’t transition over to the other side that did terrible things here in this world.

"That is definitely something that I’ve experienced, and most people have experienced when they’ve heard about evil spirits or negative souls.

"Those souls never truly make it over. There’s not a different place for them, there’s not a hell for them but I think of it as timeout.

"There are very, very, very few spirits that actually don’t make it to heaven. A lot of people say to me, 'Matt aren’t you afraid of evil spirits?'

"This is what Hollywood gets wrong, when we watch horror movies or shows about evil spirits, they make it seem like there’s so many evil spirits.

"When in theory, there are only a very, very few evil spirits here in this world. Just like here in this world, 99% of people are good people, 99% of people do the right thing. But we have that small percentage of people who are evil and just as they were evil in life, they are evil souls once they leave their body. And those souls, are the souls that we find in abandoned places. Why? Because evil always likes to be by itself.

"Those evil spirits, those negative dark souls don’t like to be around happy people, they don’t like to be around families or friends or people that are enjoying their life.

"They creep back to the shadows.

"The only time you’ll encounter a negative soul, or an evil spirit is if you go looking for it. But most people won’t encounter an experience with a negative soul or a soul that was evil but what they will experience is having an experience with someone that they love that’s passed on. Because, like I said, those evil spirits like to be by themselves.

"They won’t find you unless you go looking for them. But your loved ones in spirit, will try to find you, they will try to deliver messages to you, and those are the souls that I like to stay focused on."

The author understands that there will be naysayers to his psychic insight – but he assures everyone that their loved ones are close at hand in death.

He added: "If there’s one thing that I wish I could do it would be to give everybody a pair of my eyes just for the day. Because, in between our world and the spirit world, is nothing but a curtain.

"And if I were to lift up this curtain in between our world and the spirit world, you would see that your loved ones are with you, every single moment of the day. You would see that they’re with you on the commute to work. They’re with you through your biggest challenges. They’re with you through your biggest struggles. But they’re with you through the greatest life events that you’ll go through in your time.

He has witnessed some deceased relatives beside humans and feels that loved ones do communicate from beyond the grave.

"I’ll see somebody eating at a restaurant eating and right beside them will be their significant other that they lost. I’ll see someone at the checkout line at the supermarket and right behind them is their daughter that passed away. It’s because our loved ones truly have a bond with us. It’s the bond of love. They never leave us, they’re by our side.

"And if we listen closely and open ourselves up, we can receive messages ourself."


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