Homeowners terrified after finding ‘zombie’ woman lurking outside home at night

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A couple were spooked when they were woken by noise in their garden – only to find a "zombie" woman wandering outside their deck in the middle of the night.

The homeowners from Winfield, Kansas in the North America, showed the doorbell camera footage to their son, who then posted it on a Reddit page.

"My parents told me that someone had let their dogs out, pushed over their grill, and stretched the water hose out to the middle of the street turned on," he wrote of the incident that happened on September 5.

"Then they checked the cameras to find this."

In the clip, timestamped at around 3.26am, a bare-footed woman in a loose T-shirt and skirt walks on the wooden deck while holding her hands behind her back.

Her movement is awkwardly terrifying when she steps backwards and starts twitching her neck.

She looks around and extends her arm for a second then walks across the deck towards the tables and chairs.

The man explained: "My parents originally thought it was their neighbour as she's known to have drug issues.

"But after filing a police report, the police positively identified her as someone who lives in the town over…which makes it even more sketchy.

"No one knows how or why she was 20 minutes away from her home at a random house at the town over.

"But from the sounds of it, the cops knew exactly who she was."

Luckily his parents found their dogs but they were shocked by what they saw on CCTV.

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Some viewers said the woman moved like a "zombie" in popular survival horror game Left 4 Dead.

"F***ing creepy!" One wrote while a second commented: "Her movements and her hand remind me so much of the Elisa Lam video footage.

"Although Elisa wasn’t under the influence of anything."

Canadian student Elisa Lam was found dead when she was on a road trip in Los Angeles and stayed at the Cecil Hotel in 2013.

Her last-seen moments were captured on the CCTV cameras inside the hotel lift, and the clip remains one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in true-crime history.

A third suggested: "Learn from Paranormal Activity and go ahead and get the house blessed."

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