Horrific ‘porcupine’ death of bloke who tried to befriend ‘Stone Age’ tribe

An Amazon explorer met a horrific end after trying to befriend an uncontacted tribe living deep in the rainforest.

Ecologist Paul Rosolie regularly organises trips to the remote areas of the jungle but warns about trying to contact the indigenous people.

The few surviving tribes of the deep forest live a virtually Stone Age existence, but their territories are increasingly under threat from loggers.

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And they can be deadly when defending their dwindling patches of ancient forest.

While the tribespeople don’t have modern weapons, Paul explained “their six foot arrows have a greater range than the loggers' shotguns”.

And because this people having been isolated from the rest of mankind for tens of thousands of years, their laws and customs are almost impossible for outsiders to understand.

That, Paul told podcaster Julian Dorey, can lead to disaster.

He recalled: “There was a story from the outskirts of Manu National Park – this guy … a local guy …started going into the jungle and like leaving them piles of bananas.”

Sometimes, as well as leaving offerings of food for these nomadic hunter-gatherers he would add other useful items.

“He started leaving him piles of bananas and maybe like a machete,” Paul continued.

“You know, they don't have metal, they missed out on the wheel, they've never held a spoon these are people that are out there: no shoes no clothes.”

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After about a year of leaving food and tools, the man thought he might have earned the tribe’s trust.

Paul continued: “He would start being there when they came to take it, and they would see him and he would see them, and then after some time he was actually able to interact with them."

“He could only speak a few words of their language.

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“But this guy was interacting with them until one day they found him with … they call it porcupine arrows sticking up out of his body – like several arrows…

“We don't know why they killed him. He was only there to help them. He absolutely loved these people.

“He was advocating for their rights but he did something – or they interpreted something he did as a threat – and they killed him instantly.”

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