Huge ‘alien tractor beam’ shines for 3 hours baffing locals

Locals were left baffled after spotting a giant tractor beam in place for three hours as they claim to have 'never seen anything like it before.'

The huge golden beam was spotted shining down at the Zigana Pass in the Pontic Mountains in the province of Gumushane Province, close to the border with Trabzon Province in north-eastern Turkey.

The rare phenomenon was captured from the facilities of the Zigana Gumuskayak ski centre at an altitude of 2,100 metres from sea level.

Those who recorded it claimed that the huge golden light shone on the slopes of the Zigana Pass from a single point for around three hours.

A spokesperson for the areas' ski centre, Abdullah Eroglu said they have seen a wide range of stunning vistas across the site before, but never like this.

He added: "We always recommend that our visitors watch the unique views of Zigana.

"They were lucky to see the most stunning scene today. That beam of light hit the slopes of Zigana for a really long time.

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"We also filmed the scene with our mobile phones. It was like something from a sci-fi movie.

"Some people also compared it to a vertical rainbow. The guests at our centre were very surprised they saw the scene and immediately reached for their phones to immortalise the moment."

Beams of light are a common concept in sci-fi films, as they are often seen coming down from alien spaceships in order to transport people on the ground into a UFO.

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However, scientists say that similar beams of light shining down from clouds are known as Crepuscular rays, which originates from the Latin word 'crepusculum' meaning twilight.

These beams of sunlight are typically made more visible by particles in a year like dust as they pass through gaps in the clouds.

However, it is rare for them to remain in place until after such a long time, usually only visible at sunrise and sunset as this is when the contrast between light and dark is most obvious.

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