Hundreds of Brits are tuning in to a live-stream – of a rubbish skip in London

Londoners chucking their rubbish into a skip left on the street

Hundreds of internet sleuths are tuning in to a live-stream – to watch what people fly-tip in a central London skip. Skip Watch TV began filming after a poll of 250 of Britain’s builders revealed 70 percent had fallen victim to having their skip filled up with other people’s rubbish – forcing them to fork out money from their own pockets.

In just 24 hours, culprits dumped cardboard, a mirror, and even a freezer in the skip – but were unaware they were caught by secret cameras set up outside Terry’s Café in Southwark.

The live-stream will be online every day from Monday 7th August, to Friday 11th, capturing all the rubbish people dump.

The research found it costs builders an average of £121 out of their own pocket when people fill their skip with unwanted debris.

Nearly eight in ten (78 percent) had seen people throw tat into their skip – with 65 percent even confronting the fly-tipper.

And worryingly, 54 percent had been shouted at, or rudely spoken to, because their skip was taking up space.

Clive Holland, host of The Clive Holland Show, on Fix Radio said: “Fly-tipping has serious consequences for Britain’s builders.

“They work all hours to help get the nation moving, and the last thing they need is added disruption, and having to empty a tip when they’re on site.

“Builders are the nation’s backbone. They support us, and we should support them.”

The research, carried out via OnePoll, also revealed the strangest things found in builder’s skips – including a stolen empty cash machine, a person sleeping, and even a picture of Adolf Hitler.

Other bizarre skip finds include a complete Roman soldier statue, and sex toys – while used nappies, condoms, and threats of violence were also common finds.

The regions deemed to be the worst areas for fly-tipping were major cities, including London, Birmingham, and Glasgow.

Clive Holland added: “While there’s a funny side of what can be dumped in a skip, people need to think about the consequences it can have.

“Having to deal with the clean up can be a nightmare and cost money, which comes out of their bottom line.

“Amid the cost-of-living crisis, we need to be doing all we can to support infrastructure projects across the country.”

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