Husband bans wife from parent’s house for being too loud

It’s not likely that those seeking legitimate advice on marital issues are going to find it online, let alone on Reddit.

However, when a man was forced to ban his wife from visiting his parents’ home because of her excessive loudness, this is exactly where he turned for support with this obscure issue.

Posting on a Reddit thread called ‘Am I the a*****e, the conflicted man explains how he got into this sticky situation.

He said: “My wife and I have been married for five years. She’s a great person, but she can be really loud.

“She laughs loudly, talks loudly, and even snores loudly. It’s not a major problem at home, but it can be really embarrassing when we’re in public or at social events.”


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He went on to reveal that his wife became so loud during his parent’s 50th wedding anniversary that he was forced to ban her from visiting his parents’ house again with him.

He added: “As soon as we arrived at the party, she started laughing and talking loudly.

“She was also making a lot of noise with her jewellery and bracelets. At one point, she was talking so loudly that she interrupted my mother during a toast.

“I told her that her behaviour was unacceptable, and that she’s not welcome at my parents’ house anymore until she learns to be more quiet.”

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While this may seem ridiculous at first glance, studies have shown that other sources of excessive noise, including snoring, have been responsible for more than a few marital quarrels.

A study of 2,000 people showed that that 18 per cent of couples (a fifth) argue about it regularly.

The study also revealed that 12 per cent of people surveyed actually cited it as a reason for divorcing their partner.

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Responses to the man’s tragic quandary in the comment section vary widely from support to outright condemnation.

One commentor said: “You told her, she ignored you and made herself unwelcome. That’s on her.”

Another said: “I’m not sure I believe she’s actually all that loud if you’re even complaining about how loud her jewellery is.”

A third offered a less tempered response, chiming in: “If you can’t accept your wife as she is, you shouldn’t be married to her.”

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