‘I lost my fingers in freak accident – now I’m being harassed by fetishists’
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    A mum who sadly lost two of her fingers in a freak accident says she is now being targeted by fetishists on the internet.

    Natasha Baggett, 31, receives messages regularly from fetish community members who she says "cut off their own fingers" and "get sexual kicks" from her horror injuries. The mum lost two fingers in a woodworking incident back in 2019.

    Adapting to life without her middle and index fingers, the mum-of-five was left deeply disturbed by messages received on social media. She says "extremely disturbing" images could be seen on the profiles of the sick individuals messaging her.

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    Natasha has since received a robot hand following on from the accident while attempting to build a laptop for a student with a brain tumour. She has since received a barrage of chilling comments from internet sadists.

    She said: "It seems such a small thing to lose fingers compared to other limbs, but you need your fingers for everything. I thought not having my fingers would be the hardest part, but it's actually dealing with these crazy people online.

    "I was sickened to find out they also get a sexual kick from it. The images on their profiles are extremely disturbing once you realise that they have chopped off their own fingers."

    Following on from the incident, which saw her fingers found in a pile of sawdust, medical professionals at Harborview Hospital in Seattle, United States, had no choice but to amputate to the knuckle.

    Natasha added: "I hated the idea of coming back to a messy house after the hospital so I did a bit of cleaning before the ambulance arrived. I'm a mum-of-five so it takes a lot to phase me."

    Comments from grim online fetishists did phase the mum-of-five, which she is now speaking out on with the help of a support group. She said: "The support groups have been vital to my recovery, they have made me realise that I'm not alone and life goes on.

    "But unfortunately some these hobby surgeons have infiltrated our support groups, totally invading our safe space, in order to find more amputees to harass. They have even taken screenshots mine and other women's pictures and made Instagram accounts with all our images.

    "It is absolutely terrifying that there are such sick and twisted people out there, and they are harassing people with disabilities. They are not ashamed at all, they even post publicly about it and ask each other for advice on how to handle the pain after severing their own fingers."

    Even blocking the infiltrating fetishists is futile as they "always find a way" to get back into the group. Natasha added it was "very sad" due to the number of "vulnerable amputees out there who are being exploited on social media and accept money for their requests."

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