‘I predicted world events after aliens abducted me and downloaded cosmic code’

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In 1991, above Los Angeles, Dr Louis Turi claims aliens abducted him and his wife Brigitte.

He says that after cutting their unborn child from Brigitte's womb, the extraterrestrials placed a helmet on his head before "downloading" cosmic secrets and a "predictive legacy" in his brain.

Since then, Dr Turi claims to have predicted major world events including 9/11 before they occurred. He says he was even visited by the FBI who suspected him of being part of a terror cell.

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Speaking on the documentary, Contactee: A Conversation with Dr Turi, the author and public speaker said: "All over the course of my life I've been touched by the divine.

"To this day I do not know if it is a curse or a blessing because the legacy that all those experiences brought me is mind-boggling and it's very solid in terms of predictions."

Dr Turi moved to the US from his native France in 1984 and his notoriety grew in the subsequent years.

Many argue his predictions, such as large groups of people being forced to relocate due to a natural disaster, were so numerous and vague that some were bound to come true eventually.

But Dr Turi claims to have used the stars to foresee 9/11, the Asian tsunami, the result of the 2020 US presidential election and the Australian wildfires in 2019/2020.

He even preaches about a method of healing which he says cured his own cancer.

Born and raised in Provence, the Frenchman says he had four UFO experiences which led to his 'gift', including one where he played cards in a bar with three "men in black".

The encounter with his wife occurred, he says, when he was driving her to a beauty pageant and they were sucked into the belly of a flying saucer.

The memory was erased from both their minds, he says, but he later recalled the encounter under hypnosis.

"They were taking the foetus of our child," he said.

"My wife was three months pregnant. Until this day, they erased the memory – my wife does not know.

"If you ask her she says, 'I was never pregnant'. How was it possible for them to cut my wife almost three inches and for it to heal almost immediately?"

Dr Turi was then taken into another room on the spaceship, he says.

"Something came down from the ceiling," he said.

"It was like a helmet… and I felt electricity, concrete, fire – I had like an implosion and that's when the ET downloaded the secret of the cosmic code.

"I was forced after that to rekindle Nostradamus' 16th century divine astrology."

Dr Turi's wife later left him, and he suffered with depression which he says "opened the door" to cancer.

But he refused chemotherapy and instead went shopping for vegetables and fruit which he juiced up.

The concoction of beetroot, celery, herbs, horseradish, carrots and pineapple, which he calls his "universal blood transfusion" cured his cancer, he claims.

Promoting the cabalistic healing method on his website, he writes: "You can not expect to live a long life without a juicer and a blender."

D Turi says his first encounter with aliens was as a youngster in Provence. He says he saw them on his bed in the attic where his parents used to send him as a punishment.

He would get into trouble due to his Attention Deficit Disorder which he now believes was a gift. "Einstein was ADD," he noted.

Recalling the encounters, he said: "In 1956 we didn't have TV, we had no UFO speaker or investigator, so had no clue.

"I used to scream my head off the next day, saying 'Mum, little monkeys with big eyes come every night'.

"She'd say, 'You're lying, you want to be with your brothers and sisters'.

"One of those entities was less than two inches from my face. I freaked out and passed out with fright.

"It happened so many times. I was okay the next day so I got used to it put it this way."

His predictions have been "well-documented, dated and unarguable", says Dr Turi.

They include 9/11, the 2003 Sars virus and Hurricane Katrina which killed over 1,800 people and caused billions of pounds worth of damage across south eastern America.

"I gave exact dates for terrorist attacks which brought FBI the twice to my house." he said.

"I'm not making it up."

When federal agents asked him how he knew about the attacks in New York, he claims he said: "I develop software, I'm using Nostradamus' astrology.

"The stars are hanging up there for more than the sake of beauty. And those stars speak.

"God gave them to us for interpretation so that we may lead a safer, more productive life."

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