‘I told a mother her child was playing with a dangerous plant and she snapped’

A woman has claimed a mother snapped at her when she told them that her child was playing with a dangerous plant.

The woman took to Reddit to share the unusual experience and get some advice on the problem.

She said she had been walking through their local forest park when she saw the incident unfolding and decided to warn the parent about the danger.

They were surprised when the mother decided to snap back.

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The user explained that the type of plant the child was holding can cause a very painful reaction.

They said: “I spend a lot of time at a local forest park and was walking there recently when I passed a young mom and her toddler (probably two years old).

“The toddler was carrying around big handfuls of pretty red flowers and leaves from a plant that, similarly to poison ivy, can cause painful and itchy rashes.”

They added that before they offered the advice they had moved to make sure they were out of earshot of the child.

The woman said: “I doubled back a few feet and said to the mom, out of earshot of the baby, that she probably shouldn’t let her kid play with that because the plant can cause skin irritation and even more so in people with sensitive skin like babies and toddlers. The mom snapped at me to mind my own business, so I apologized and kept walking.”

The woman said they could understand why the mother might have snapped, but felt they would have wanted to know if their child was in danger.

She said: “I totally get someone reacting strongly to feeling like they’re being parent-shamed, but I personally would always want to know if my kid was touching something that could harm them.”

Despite the poster’s best intentions, she wanted to know if fellow Reddit users believed she had acted correctly.

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Most of the users agreed they would have wanted someone to warn them if they or their child was about to touch something dangerous.

One user said: “If I was about to use Poison oak as emergency TP, I’d want someone to warn me.”

Another added that the situation could have gone better if the woman had worded their warning differently.

They said: “FYI, there is probably a way to share that information that would feel less like an insult. Hey, that’s (itchy plant) – last time I held it I got a rash”. Same information but leaves out the “you shouldn’t” part.”

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