‘I was fined £200 for parking on my own drive – so I got the ultimate revenge’

A man with a passion for car restoration has admitted to getting the ultimate “revenge” on his neighbour after they left him £200 out of pocket. The trouble began when the man, who was restoring a classic Cadillac, received a hefty fine for failing to have his car “properly licensed”. This unexpected blow arrived in the post, courtesy of a complaint by his newly arrived neighbours who had moved in across the street.

The car fanatic shared on the forum website Reddit: I had already completed all of the interior and exterior bodywork and paint. I had the engine out and was slowly rebuilding it.”

He added: “The car sat in my driveway beside my garage. This is about the time a new neighbour moved in across the street from me.

“A few days after he moved in I received a violation of the city ordinance that all vehicles on private property must be fully registered and licensed.

“When I called the city wondering why after more than two years, they were hassling me. I was told there had been a complaint.”

In a bid to stop the fines, the man resorted to covering the car with a protective sheet but this failed to deter his persistent neighbours or the authorities.

He added: “A week later I got another violation. The cover wasn’t enough. I moved the car to my back yard, parked it between two sheds with the cover….another violation and this time there was a fine. I took it to court.

It was during this legal battle that he hatched a brilliant plan for revenge.

As a landowner, he owned an adjacent parking space, which he had previously used for family gatherings.

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He transformed the parking space into an art exhibit and positioned his colourful, painted Cadillac on a foundation for all to see.

He added: “I said it was an art sculpture and let them take me to court. I took a pic of Cadillac Ranch in Texas as one of my exhibits that my car was a piece of art. The judge agreed and that ‘work of art’ stayed in my yard for the next eight years until I moved.”

Since sharing the thread online, Reddit users flocked to the comment section to discuss the hilarious ordeal.

One person wrote: “Why do people complain about stuff like this? It is none of their business and these cars aren’t hurting anyone.”

Responding to the comment, someone else wrote: “Because they’re miserable and have apparently nothing better to do than make others miserable like themselves.”

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