‘I’m terrified to leave the house in case I get abducted by my alien stalkers’

A mum says she has had so many close encounters with UFOs that she is scared to leave the house.

Sacha Christie, 51, is so terrified of being abducted she has begged her alien visitors to leave her alone.

She first spotted what she believes to be a UFO aged just seven, after she saw what looked like an acorn floating in the sky.

The mum of five has had nine major sightings in her lifetime including, tiny zig-zagging lights that shocked North Yorkshire radio listeners in 1983, and her scariest experience on a family holiday to Wales in 1997.

Sacha, who lives in Liverpool, Merseyside, said: “It’s very hard to explain my encounters, as it’s hard for me to believe what I’ve seen.

“I’ve spent my whole life trying to think of other scenarios, of things that it could be, but the only conclusion is that it’s other life forms and UFOS.

“Looking at the sky, it scares me, as I don’t know what I’m going to see next. But I can’t help but check the sky when I go out as it is just a habit now.

“It’s like I have to make sure nothing is going to fall on my head.”

She added: “I’m not too sure where most UFOS frequent, but it does sometimes feel like they’re always somewhere near me.

“I would be a millionaire if I knew why only certain people see UFOs but I think it has happened to me as I look in the sky a lot.

“I wish they would stop.”

On a trip with her family in 1997 she says was terrified after seeing a craft in the sky and a barefoot “alien” ran past her.

Sacha, who lives in Liverpool, Merseyside, said: “Myself, my ex-partner Steve, my son Louie and two of three of Steve’s family members went on a short break to a small remote cottage..

She said: “At one point Steve was pointing at these fluorescent lights in the sky that seemed to be getting bigger the closer they moved towards us.

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“As the clouds were so low, the shadows and shape of UFO made it look like bright rippling jellyfish in the sky.

“Everyone had come out to look at this point, the kids were feeling a bit nervous and the sheep in the field next to us had all eerily laid down.

She added: “Louie had told me that something had touched his foot and I believed him, but I wanted to look at the lights more, to understand what was going on.

“I stood there for another minute or so, when I suddenly heard something running barefoot in the mud behind me.

“All of a sudden, it bumped into me as it ran past and my chest exploded.

“Before I even realised it was happening, I was running back to the house in a panic, in complete hysterical blindness, I couldn’t see where I was going.

“I just knew I needed to run.”

Sacha’s UFO sightings have left her shaken, she now suffers with post-traumatic stress disorder and sometimes worries when leaving her house.

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She adds: “I used to feel safe before but seeing the UFOs so close up has removed the bubble I used to live in.

“I feel like there’s nothing in between the top of my head and space.

“My head feels like I am in space.

“The idea of us being contained in something has now completely gone.

“This leaves me with anxiety and I get worked up every time I need to leave the house.

“I am OK once I leave the house but it is getting out of the house that is a problem.

“I think the anxiety stems from the holiday in Wales in 1997.

“I now hate February, it’s a bad month for me.

“I try to stay in as much as I can during that month because I suffer with severe anxiety.”

She attends yearly UFO conventions where people can share and talk about their experiences, which she claims have helped her to come to terms with the idea of extra-terrestrial life forms.

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